Students Turn Selfless Service into a $2,000 Scholarship

Posted by on April 16, 2013

Do you like to help your community?  Do you like to receive free money for school?  Then you are a perfect candidate for the Community Service Scholarship!  Each quarter, Minnesota School of Business-Rochester awards up to two Community Service Scholarships, each totaling $2,000!  The scholarship is offered as a way to promote community engagement in Rochester and the surrounding areas, and to help reward students who are actively involved in the betterment of our community. 

scholarships, Minnesota School of BusinessFor Dawn Hoppe, a recent Community Service Scholarship recipient currently enrolled in the medical assistant program at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester, the scholarship opportunity also means learning more about what is important to her. She says, “It can get you out and decide maybe what you want to do with a career or just to be able to volunteer somewhere that needs it. It can teach you patience and understanding…and allows it you to work towards your college goals as well.”

Dawn spends time volunteering at a local daycare center. “Just volunteering your time can make a world of difference to the younger generation,” she says. “I have an impact on young ones’ lives no matter how small.” 

The scholarship is open to all students who meet a few criteria: 

  • Be enrolled in a diploma, associate, or bachelor’s program at MSB.
  • Be a continuing student who has completed at least one quarter.
  • Be in good standing with Financial Aid and Student Accounts.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Meet and maintain a 90 percent attendance ratio of required contact hours.
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours.

So, what kind of project can a student do to qualify for the Community Service Scholarship? In short, almost anything!  Students have the opportunity to find or design a community service project that fits their interests, background, educational program, and future goals. In this way, students can also help enhance their resume by showing their commitment to the community. 

For student Christie Hughes, who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in information technology, serving others is just a part of her life. She has been working with several organizations to serve others and raise funds, and is the most recent recipient of the Community Service scholarship. Currently helping serve meals to individuals in need through the Meals On Wheels program, Christie says it is very gratifying to reach out and help others. 

“I especially enjoy seeing their smiling faces when I hand them their meal,” Christie says. “I know they truly appreciate the service and it makes me feel good knowing they’ll have food on their table because of me.”

Students interested in applying for the Community Service Scholarship must first complete a project, and then simply write a brief summary of the community service and what was gained by doing the project. Compared to many other scholarship applications, this is one of the shortest and easiest ones you’ll find. For this very reason, Christie Hughes encourages all students to think about applying.

She says, “Everyone should consider this scholarship, whether they currently do community service or not. If they’re not currently involved with their community, the chance to be awarded free money is an incentive to start!”

Further details can be found on the scholarships page of the Minnesota School of Business website, Or contact a member of the financial aid office at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester, at 507-536-9500. 

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.