Plymouth Student Carries Fitness Career to the Community

Posted by on April 16, 2013

fitness career

Jason Strauch (left) instructs a student at MSB-Plymouth’s career preview day in March.

Father, public speaker, role model, student, personal trainer, small business owner, veteran and teacher—these are all roles that health fitness student Jason Strauch fills. A busy man, to say the least, Strauch has a knack for helping and motivating others to accomplish what they think they can’t.

Veteran Presence

Strauch’s fitness career started in the military, by pure chance.

“I got lucky,” he said. “To get to the next rank, I had to pick a different job, and I just happened to land a medic job on a surgical team. Orthopedics play a huge part in working on war injuries so I started working more with orthopedic surgeons…and understanding how the body works and the kinesiology side of things. That’s what really ramped it [my interest in fitness] up for me.”

After his return to the civilian world, Strauch knew he wanted to pursue an education focused on preparing students for a fitness career.

Strong Foundation

Part of Strauch’s commitment to others inspired the launch of his business, Foundations Fitness & Coaching. His work is focused in the southern half of the Twin Cities metro area.

“I finally decided to put the company together because I wanted to focus what my style of training was; it’s about the foundations of the basics and to empower people to pursue their ideal self,” he said.

While he enjoys working with all types of clients, he hopes to carve an even larger niche in the working-adult demographic.

“I want to be able to work with whoever comes to me, but I enjoy working with the 31-to-40-year-old working parent the most. It’s tough for us because of the constraints—time, finances and [at times a lack of] desire.”

Community-Minded Mentor

Strauch’s community-centered business stretches into area schools, where he speaks to local high school students about life after high school. He has volunteered with SkillsUSA and Dakota County-area schools.

“When I do the presentations, it’s all about the next step,” he said. “I try to help be a catalyst and a pseudo-counselor to give them that information.”

Part of his work with the high school includes working with at-risk youth. He brings a message of grabbing life, making the most of it and not letting anything become a road block.

“I came from a background that wasn’t necessarily ideal, so it’s my way of paying it forward to the community,” Strauch said.

The End of the Journey

The end of Strauch’s time at Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth (MSB) is near. He will graduate this June with his bachelor’s degree and continue his fitness career. According to him, his time at MSB has been an all-encompassing experience.

“I think one of the greatest things [about MSB] is that I’ve been able to learn all aspects of the fitness industry,” he said. “I feel confident that when I graduate, I will stand alone as a unique candidate because of the unique experience that I’ve gotten from the school, and that’s very exciting.”

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