Learn How An ‘A’ Paper Could Get You $200

Posted by on April 16, 2013

Have you ever wanted to see your name in bright lights, your words immortalized for the ages AND receive $200 toward your next quarter’s college textbooks? Well, all that is possible if you participate in the library’s student research award contest.

library research award

Tara Leonard, a business management student, recently won the library's student research award, earning $200 toward next quarter's textbook costs.

The library research award began at the Globe University-La Crosse campus in the fall of 2010. Minnesota School of Business-Rochester (MSB) began the contest one year ago, during winter quarter 2012. It has now spread to so many MSB/Globe campuses that, as of 2013, there is a competition among the winners from each campus with additional prizes to be awarded!

So what do you have to do? Well, the best part is that you’ve probably already done it, so read on.

If you received an “A” on a research paper that you wrote for one of your MSB classes, then you are eligible to enter your paper in that quarter’s contest. Currently, there are three esteemed judges deciding on the winner. They are Rochester’s very own composition instructors, Carol Berteotti and Jeff Briggs, and librarian, Sue Miller. They will look at your writing style, including organization and originality, the quality of the references used, and the accuracy of your citations—all things you probably already did to earn that “A” on the paper.

Past Rochester winners include Lisa Deming, paralegal graduate, and Diana Hollihan and Tara Leonard, current business management and veterinary technology students, respectively. Tara, who wrote her award winning paper on adoption, describes entering the library research award contest as “quick, easy and painless.”

She says, “the hardest part was waiting for the results.” When asked if she would enter again, Tara said that if she writes another “A” paper, she will definitely enter again as the $200 toward her textbook costs is a great incentive.

 If you would like to read the winning papers and print out an entry form, they are available on the library website.

So, Rochester students, what are you waiting for? You have until Friday, April 19 to enter Winter quarter papers to librarian Sue Miller. Maybe this time it will be your name in bright lights!

Contact MSB-Rochester at 507-536-9500 to learn more about the contest or to speak to an admissions representative.

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