3 Cheers for Medical Assistant Student Success!

Posted by on April 11, 2013

Degree? Check. Certification exam? Check. Job? Check. Kathy Daniels, medical assistant program chair at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester, is passionate about her job, especially when it comes to watching graduates secure a job in their field. So, from the eyes of an ever-supportive chair, aka cheerleader, what does she see that makes her so proud of her MSB-Rochester graduates? Well…

(From left) Denniel Johnson, Lynn Lawler-Ottman, MA chair Kathy Daniels, Haley Wooner, Amnada VanGuilder, Sandra Campbell, and Crystal Dean

Graduation night has come and gone, and students have earned a medical assistant associate degree. Their next step is to take the certification exam in order to become a certified medical assistant. Upon passing the exam, they will have reached their goal and a new career as a certified medical assistant. Now for finding a job.

It is great to hear from students who have taken their test and say “I passed,” and it is even better to hear them say “I got the job!” Of the Winter 2013 medical assistant graduates, two have passed their exams already; the others are scheduled to take the exam soon. Two graduates have job offers and one will have an interview in a couple days.  It is great as an instructor to hear the excitement in their voices, and see the smile on their faces when they talk about the experience they have had and the career they are going to embark upon.

Denniel Johnson, a recent graduate of the medical assistant program, spoke of her externship site with only positive enthusiasm. She is a testament to how far a positive work ethic will take graduates. A glowing review from her externship site says it all:

“It has been a pleasure to mentor Denniel; she has been a great student. Denniel always showed up to the clinic before her scheduled time and was ready to learn. From day one, she wanted to dig right in and do as much as she could; it would be great to work with her as a coworker. I have enjoyed mentoring Denniel. She is a true professional.”

Denniel interviewed for an open position at the same location a couple days after graduation, and was offered a job!

As always, securing a job is a team effort.

Denniel stopped by my office a week or so ago and she wanted to thank me for pushing her.  She was very thankful for me encouraging her to apply for the job and getting an interview before she took the exam.

Denniel was also very grateful for the mentoring by the Career Services Department, including creating a quality resume. Additionally, Rebecca, career services coordinator, took time with her to do mock interviews, instructed her how to dress business appropriate and encouraged Denniel to write down some questions that she could ask at the interview. 

Denniel took all of this helpful information that we provided, applied it and succeeded.  Denniel starts her new career on April 15 at Mayo Clinic-Red Wing. Congratulations to Denniel!

With passion like this from instructors, how can graduates not find anything but success in their field!?

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