Commercials and Other Ways to Make $4,000

Posted by on April 10, 2013

Through an employer visit made by the Career Services Team, Minnesota School of Business-Richfield (MSB) created a partnership with Richfield-Bloomington Honda to give our digital video and media production students and alumni an opportunity to win a $4,000 scholarship to use toward video equipment.

It was a mutually beneficial partnership. Richfield-Bloomington Honda needed a commercial and, well, who doesn’t need money? In addition, the opportunity provided students with a chance to showcase their creativity and build their resumes.  Any student or graduate of the Digital Video program at Minnesota School of Business was eligible to enter the contest and could submit as many 30-second commercials as they desired for a chance to win.

“The Honda commercial competition was an excellent opportunity for our students and graduates to experience working with an actual client on a commercial project,” said Dean Pederson, Digital Video Program Chair. “These are the kinds of real-world experiences that give our students an edge. It will be projects similar to this one that will help our graduates build their careers in the video production industry.”

The final commercials were uploaded to YouTube and judged by a panel. Honda then selected their favorite. All videos had an opportunity to air on their website, and the winning video may even air locally. 

  • 1st place ($4,000 scholarship awarded by Honda): Mitch Heil & David Crowley of Hot Head Productions. Both are graduates of the BFA program in Digital Video and Media Production at Minnesota School of Business.  



  • 2nd place ($1,000 scholarship awarded by Honda): Sherri Dahl of Dahlhouse Media, BFA graduate from the MSB Digital Video and Media Production program.       



  • 3rd place ($300 gift card): Patrick Acciani, a current student in the Digital Video and Media Production Program at MSB.



“It’s good to be recognized for work that had no other creative or technical oversight beyond our own application of years of experience,” said David Crowley, one of the members of the 1st place production team.

Mitch Heil, the other half of the 1st place team, added, “A lot of people say they hate commercials because they are boring and annoying. A commercial is a 30-second or 1-minute story. It has an arc just like a feature film. Putting skills learned into a 30-second commercial and making it work is incredibly rewarding and it is something else to add to your reel aside from class projects.”

Digital video students were able to not only gain real world experience, but also to build relationships, market themselves, and prove their abilities—to others, and to themselves. 

“It helped build the confidence I lacked, and that means more than any of the scholarship money,” said second place winner, Sherri Dahl.

Current student Pat Acciani concluded, “Taking third place was validation for everything I had learned in school. I felt like a bit of an outsider when I enrolled in school, being older and coming from a different background. I learned a lot in the DV program at Minnesota School of Business, and it’s given me the confidence and belief that I can do this. I also realize there’s still plenty to learn and recognize where I need to improve. It makes me strive to do better.”




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