3 Easy Steps to Success in the Workplace

Posted by on April 8, 2013

For 32 students from the Lakeville and Shakopee campuses of Minnesota School of Business, graduation means the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new and exciting journey. On Friday, March 22, the graduates were honored during a commencement ceremony held at the Mraz Center for the Performing Arts in Burnsville. Graduates and attendees heard from Angie Whitcomb, President of the Shakopee Chamber of Commerce.

Minnesota School of Business, graduation

Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee graduate, Tracy Nicholas, speaks to fellow graduates and attendees.

In Angie’s address, she applauded the graduates for the immense accomplishment of obtaining their degrees – from career diplomas to associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees to master’s degrees. Angie offered her recommendations on how to find success in the workplace. The importance that each graduate differentiates themselves was at the core of Angie’s address. She explained how significant verbal communication skills play in the workplace and advised the graduates not to rely too heavily on technology for communication.

In addition, Angie shared three tips for all graduates who want to succeed in any workplace:

  1. Be Efficient. “Turn in your work on time and use your time wisely.”
  2. Be Effective. “Do great work. Do the best work you can do; never leave anything on the table.”
  3. Be Congenial. “Be a pleasure to work with. You don’t have to be friends with everyone you work with, but I promise you it won’t kill you to be nice to everyone you work with.”

During commencement, four graduates also reflected on their experience at Minnesota School of Business. Tara Childers (Lakeville), Jordan Jonason (Lakeville), Joyanne Newgard (Shakopee), and Tracy Nicholas (Shakopee) addressed their peers, instructors, families and friends.

Minnesota School of Business, graduation

Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville students Jason Throne and Christoph Riesterer with Susan Furtney, Information Technology Program Chair.

“When thinking about my time here, I think back to the time I found this school,” Tara shared. “I hoped this school with this program and its staff and teachers would help me start to find what I was looking for. I figured it was a great first step anyways. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was more than a first step. It was what I wanted and more than that; it was what I needed at that moment in my life. I had found the place where I could and did learn the most about myself.”

Tracy added, “As we move from business students to the next generation of business leaders, remember that your accomplishments do not end with graduation, they are only just beginning.”

We wish the winter 2013 graduates much success in all of their future endeavors!

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