All Roads Lead to Arkansas? Out-of-State Paralegal Internship Pays Off

Posted by on April 1, 2013

In general, securing an internship for his graduating students always includes the “extra mile” effort from Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud’s Paralegal Program Chair Joseph Bazan. In Boni Jo Boser’s case, that ended up being 926 miles, exactly.

Boser accepted an internship with the Little Rock, Arkansas Legal Services office because she hoped to secure employment and relocate there after graduation with her Associate in Applied Science degree in Paralegal Studies. She was wildly successful in both endeavors.

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(From left) Paralegal graduate Erin Hale, Joseph Bazan, and Boni Jo Boser

Boser’s supervisor in Little Rock gave her performance rave reviews. “Hands-down, she’s the best paralegal intern we’ve ever had,” the supervisor told Bazan. “And she’s better than many law clerks.”

She has already obtained employment in a Little Rock law firm as a receptionist, which includes some primary paralegal duties, and Boser feels she has great potential for professional growth there.

Boser’s unconventional path to finishing up her college degree was purposeful. A combat veteran, Boser had been stationed at one time in Little Rock, and her ex-husband still lives there. Seeking stability for her daughter, she decided to move back to Arkansas.

She laughs. “It’s pretty much how I do everything. When I decided to go to college (in 2011) back in St. Cloud, I moved on July 8th and started school of July 18th.”

In her graduation speech as an honors student, Boser credited her teachers, mentors and family as being instrumental in her success.

paralegal degree

Sisters LeAnn and Boni Jo Boser

Her sister LeAnn was part of the same graduating class, achieving a medical assistant degree. “I literally could not have done this without you,” she addressed LeAnn.

“We lived together the entire two years,” explained Boser. “We took our first two classes together. It was so comforting to be with my sister.”

Regarding Bazan’s mentorship, Boser said, “He was harder on us than real life.” (She intended this as a compliment.)

She noted that she was shocked when an attorney in the legal aid office just crossed out a sentence on an order and sent it back to the judge. Bazan never allowed typos or mistakes.

“He held us accountable,” Boser explains. “He never sugar-coated anything. I felt prepared for the craziness of the world.”

She also believes that the military added to her experience and character. “I was prepared for different types of people in the world. [I learned] what I do reflects my character: somebody who shows up for work on time [and] gets their stuff done.”

paralegal degree

Boni Jo Boser speaking at graduation

Being a graduation speaker gave Boser the opportunity to pass along some advice:

  • It’s really important to just believe in yourself. Accept positive feedback. Have confidence in yourself and your actions.
  • Soak up every bit of knowledge. This is your time to learn. Ask questions. Immerse yourself.
  • Be involved: in student associations and the community. Meet other folks who feel the way you do and talk to them.

What is Boser looking forward to next? “Planting roots in central Arkansas.” She’s joined a church and is making friends. And she’s ready to jump into her career with both feet.


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