Medical Assistant Grad: ‘I Think I Have the Best Job Ever’

Posted by on March 26, 2013

become a medical assistantBoguslawa Rychtarczyk’s passion was always helping others. After being laid off from a position while in her 40s, she decided to attend Minnesota School of Business, and finally act upon her lifetime dream to become a medical assistant.

Growing up in Europe, Rychtarczyk volunteered in nursing homes. She loved spending time with the elders, listening to their stories, and felt tremendous appreciation to be there for them.

“I loved helping them, cheering them up, and seeing their faces light up when I entered the room,” she recalls. “That is exactly what inspired me to become a medical assistant—spending time with people to whom my kindness, help, and companionship can mean so much.”

After visiting MSB’s Blaine campus, Rychtarczyk knew immediately that this was the school for her. The excellent education and positive learning environment, along with a mix of young and more mature students was just what she was looking for in a college.

“The friendly staff, excellent curriculum, small classes, and the convenience of taking classes online or on campus all looked very inviting, and easy to follow for students of all ages,” Rychtarczyk says. “I can say that I made an excellent choice, and I would recommend the school for anyone who is ready for a great educational experience.”

Rychtarczyk says that attending MSB was a very exciting time in her life. As English is her second language, she wasn’t quite sure how she would do in college. “I expected some challenges, but I wasn’t afraid to face them,” she explains. “I was very determined to work hard and do my best.” Rychtarczyk was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful the teachers and all the staff were at MSB. “They made me feel welcome, and encouraged me every step of the way to be the best I can be.”

Rychtarczyk graduated in December 2012, and recently landed a position as a medical assistant at the University of Minnesota Physicians Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic. “I think I have the best job ever,” she admits. “It is a wonderful organization to be a part of. I feel very good and excited about everything this clinic does. Its mission is in line with the things I value personally, and I am very happy to contribute my passion and talents in the best way I can.”

She continues, “The advice I can give to other students is to find time in their busy schedule to reflect on the things you like to do; the things that bring joy to your life and make you truly happy. We are the architects of our future, so don’t be afraid to dream big and follow your instincts.”

She adds that responsibilities and duties go hand in hand, so be prepared to work hard, and remember you are investing in your future.

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