6 Ideas to Beat the Spring Break Blues

Posted by on March 26, 2013

So You Can’t Fly to Daytona Beach, Cancun or Maui this Spring Break?

Local students at Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud may have missed the first flight out to sunny destinations this week, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have plans! Look what these students have in store for their vacation time:

spring break

Christine Legatt Huda and daughters Amina (9) and Maya (4) at Como Conservatory.

Christine Huda – is a bachelor’s degree student in accounting, set to graduate in June. A full-time student and single mom, she keeps herself on a strict budget, so there were no tickets to paradise for her family this spring break. Instead, she decided to get creative.

“I wanted tropical weather but couldn’t afford to go anywhere,” she says. “So I thought, what about the Como Park Conservatory in St. Paul? It’s warm and has palm trees!” She decided to keep the destination a surprise for her two daughters and mother and only doled out three clues: “It’s 77 degrees; it has palm trees, and you have to drive to get there.” The girls loved guessing, but struck out on hotels and indoor water parks. “It was a great day,” says Huda. “I spent 10 minutes on a bench just soaking up the warmth and humidity and listening to the birds.” It was a vacation in a day, she notes, “and it only cost me a half tank of gas.”

spring break

The Valentine Family. Lance, holding Gavin, Cresence and Darien

Lance and Crescence Valentine – are married with two sons, Darien (5) and Gavin (13 months). Lance is an information technology student and Crescence is a recent graduate in veterinary technology. Lance reports that he is awaiting training for a new job, so the family is free to travel to relatives over the Easter holidays. They are also planning to “get stuff done around the house” because despite the weather reports, it’s spring cleaning time! A top priority this week, he says, is date night with his wife. “It’s very important to have that separate quality time with your partner to ensure that you stay connected and let one another know you’re still there.” He adds that he’s really excited about starting the new job next week, “but for now, I am content being with my family.”

Neal Poster – is a full-time criminal justice student who thinks that not doing much at all is the best break there is. Besides working his regular 20-30 hours-a-week job, Neal is “catching up on his reading” – the books he doesn’t have time for while school is in session – like “December 8, 1980: The Day John Lennon Died.” He says he appreciates the time to recharge in between terms. Still, school looms not so far away in his mind as he also researches for internships and puts in applications.

Our Spring Break Ideas Inspired by the Experts:

  • Vacation in a Day: Head north to Duluth to enjoy the bay front of Lake Superior, drive Bob Dylan Way, visit the Glensheen Mansion (admission is charged, but under the age of 5 is free) or head to Spirit Mountain for skiing and snowboarding.
  • Our Cheap but Special Date Night: Travel to Minneapolis to take advantage of Target Free Thursday Nights at the Walker Art Center 5 – 9 PM, where you can enjoy an exhibition, take in a lecture, watch a film, make art, and ask questions. Afterward our nod for pizza is Black Sheep Pizza on Washington Avenue North near Target Field.
  • Best Spring Break Read: Mystery/Suspense: “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. Humor; “Bossypants” by Tina Fey. Nonfiction: “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell.

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