31 Graduates Off to Fulfill Their Dreams

Posted by on March 26, 2013

graduation, Minnesota School of BusinessAnother quarter, another graduation!  On Friday, March 22, 2013, the Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center campus had the pleasure of celebrating the winter quarter graduation ceremony, which took place at Maple Grove High School.  Ann Deiman-Thornton, dean of faculty, welcomed graduates, students, staff, family, and friends to the celebration before handing the microphone off to the keynote speaker for the evening. 

Bard Meier, the music and media business program chair and the executive program chair of creative programs, spoke to the graduates about “media noise.”  Meier stressed the importance of not always focusing on the social media information that seems to take over our lives.  He asked graduates to think about what is important to them and what their goals are and reminded them to never lose sight of that. 

Following Meier’s speech, the audience heard from two student speakers, Kisha Triplett and Chad Marek. Both Triplett and Marek graduated with a bachelor’sdegree in health care management.

graduation, Minnesota School of Business

Kisha Triplett

Triplett’s mantra throughout her speech was “I made it!”  She spoke about being a mother to five children and being forced to be a single parent for three and a half years.  Because she wanted to be an example to those around her, she stayed determined to complete school.  While it was hard at times and many curve balls were thrown her way, Triplett always had someone in her ear telling her that she had come too far to stop; she had to keep going.  She spoke of her support system and that no matter where you are in life, if you have support, you will get through it.  She reminded everyone that we will all struggle, but we learn from that and need to stay motivated to succeed.

graduation, Minnesota School of Business

Chad Marek

Marek spoke next and began his speech with a message from Gandhi, which has become his life motto: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  He explained to the crowd that there are two other beliefs that are important to him and should be important to all of the graduates if they want to see success as citizens and professionals. 

The first belief is to “be a neighbor and be involved.” Marek discussed the service-learning projects that he was involved in during his time at Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center as well as the volunteering done outside of school.  He believes that if more people make a commitment to be involved that some of the social issues will diminish and people will be more united. 

The second belief is to “pay it forward.”  Marek remembers many times during his time as a student where people paid it forward to him by giving support as well as delivering home cooked meals while he was studying.  He explained that we should always be looking out for our neighbors and trying to find ways to help out.

Following the three speeches, the awards and degrees were handed out to the graduates by the program chairs.  Among the 31 graduates this quarter was Michael Leonard, a full time faculty member at the Brooklyn Center campus.  Leonard was the first student at the Brooklyn Center campus to be awarded a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in human resources.

Ann Deiman-Thornton, dean of faculty, concluded the ceremony by conferring the degrees. Congratulations and best wishes to all 31 graduates!

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