How One Student Bundles Up Love for Newborns in Need

Posted by on March 25, 2013

Students at Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee understand the importance of the “We Care” philosophy, something theyBundles of Love voluneerism carry out through their service learning and applied learning projects. Each Minnesota School of Business campus also demonstrates We Care by the active participation in their local community. Abbey Crooks, a student in Jay Moore’s Global Citizenship class, took the opportunity to volunteer to heart when she spent the winter quarter working with Bundles of Love, a nonprofit organization located in Apple Valley. The organization provides basic care items for newborn children in need.

In a class presentation following her volunteerism, Abbey shared with fellow students Bundle of Love’s goals and how she assisted in helping them reach those goals. In addition to serving as a resource for newborns, Bundles of Love offers comfort to those suffering from the loss of a loved one. Abbey explained that the organization saw 107,000 volunteer hours during 2011 and helped approximately 6,080 local families.

Bundles of Love voluneerismThrough her service learning project, Abbey learned that poverty in Minnesota is expected to increase in the future and Bundles of Love affords parents who are affected by poverty the basic goods that they are unable to solely provide. Abbey volunteered her time by assembling quilt tops and quilt sandwiches, the three layers of a quilt. Abbey also supported the organization by donating sewing materials, including a serger, a type of sewing machine, and fabric.

In her presentation, Abbey shared how her volunteer project connected the class curriculum to the community, reinforcing the importance of active citizenship, the responsibility we have in giving back to our community. Abbey also explained how the need for effective communication was instrumental in her experience as she worked with other volunteers and staff at the organization. Effective communication skills are something she learned in class and utilized while at Bundles of Love.

Abbey understands that everyone can make a difference in their community and although her class project is complete, she continues to volunteer with Bundles of Love.

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