Business Grad Turns School Into a Career

Posted by on March 20, 2013

Minnesota School of Business-Rochester likes to believe we attract the best students to our school. Taking it one step further, MSB likes to keep graduates by having them work for us! One such graduate, Sarah Kiefer, who earned a business administrative assistant diploma, recently walked right back through the door she walked out of after accepting her diploma and a job at MSB-Rochester. How does she like the change from student to employee? Here’s what she has to say about her experience:

  • Why did you come to MSB? administrative assistant diploma

My life before MSB-Rochester was not as productive as I would have liked. I was not challenging myself and I was spending too much time at home on the couch going nowhere. I live in the Austin, Minn., area and, naturally, attended Riverland due to its closeness. Let’s just say I did not like the experience. After briefly looking into attending Rochester Community and Technical College, I made an appointment at MSB-Rochester after hearing good things about the school. My meeting with Laura, an admissions representative, went well enough as far as feeling comfortable with the school and the support available that, in the end, I decided it was a good fit for my life.

  • What did you like most about your experience as a student?

The class sizes, from my largest class of 24 to the smallest one at four, made learning easier and the experience more memorable. Some instructors, including Allan Witz, who kept my attention during class the best, and Ken Sell, a great instructor who was able to get me involved along with the rest of the class–even if we didn’t feel like it–are just a couple examples that made for a memorable and educational learning experience. What I’m proudest of–what I learned most about myself–is that I was able to complete the challenge I took on, which is something that has made me believe in myself.

  • What was your most memorable experience as a student?

National Night Out 2012, which MSB-Rochester hosts every year in August, was such a memorable experience as a student because it got me involved with fellow classmates and instructors. From face painting, free chair massages, games and food–I believe I enjoyed a couple hotdogs–there is so much going on that I look forward to participating again as an employee.

  • What do you enjoy the most about working here?

Most staff are very professional but not in a way that is too serious. They do a good job of getting the work done while being friendly, polite and fun. Overall, I really feel like this is a good fit and I enjoy working with my co-workers because of this environment. What also makes it rewarding is that, because of my experience as a student, I can more effectively connect with current students due to this experience, which I don’t think would be the case had I not graduated from MSB-Rochester.

  • What is your life like outside of work?

I do have a life outside of work. I enjoy snowmobiling in the winter and camping in the summer (not in the winter!). You can also find me sitting around a campfire or playing yard games with family and friends! Whether it’s at work or home, my laughter level is about the same, so if you have trouble finding me, just listen and you’ll know where I’m at!

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