Medical Assistant Students Teach Preschoolers Washy, Washy, Clean Song

Posted by on March 19, 2013

With the flu season in full force, three medical assistant degree students from Minnesota School of Business visited a local preschool in hopes of teaching children how to properly wash their hands.

This smart class of Patient Care Skills students knew better than to enter a gym full of preschoolers without a plan—they went armed with a catchy mnemonic device in the form of a song and colorful cardboard cutout germ characters.

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Patient Care Skills instructor and students

“The catchy little tune was short and to the point, but just long enough for the ages we were teaching,” said medical assisting student Faith Perrin.

According to the course instructor, Becky Pearson, the applied learning project was designed to help students feel more comfortable working with younger age groups by showing them how much fun patient education can be.

“When these students get into the workplace they will need to be able to connect with kids on their level,” said Pearson. “Showing them how a song can educate and engage preschoolers was a perfect learning opportunity for this purpose.”

Perrin further explained that the applied learning project was enjoyable because they learned how to take the information they were learning in class and apply it in a real world setting.

Along with teaching kids the Washy, Washy, Clean song, the medical assistant students created take-home packets for the preschoolers filled with facts about hand washing, germ-featured coloring pages, and the lyrics to the Washy, Washy, Clean song.

If you are interested in teaching your child the Washy, Washy, Clean song, check out this YouTube video by the Health Promotion Board:

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