Happy Birthday Web Browser!!!

Posted by on March 19, 2013

web browserHave you Googled anything today?  How about checked your email or gone on Facebook?  Do you think about the web browser you use when you use the internet?

The web browser turned 21 years old in February. The World Wide Web was released for general usage on the internet on August 6, 1991. The first webpage was built and made available on the Web shortly after that. But only a few people could access it because a Web Browser had yet to be made available to internet users.

“The first webpage was on the network and being updated on an almost daily basis and yet no one outside of the CERN labs in Switzerland could actually see it”, Richard Grieman, IT Chair at Minnesota School of Business, explained.

“It wasn’t until the first generally available web browser, called Mosaic, was published on the internet that the website could be accessed by anyone on the internet.”

Mosaic 1.0 was published in February of 1992.

Support for Mosaic itself was dropped in 1997 but Netscape Navigator was later developed by Netscape, which employed many of the original Mosaic programmers.  Support for  Netscape Navigator was dropped in 2007 but  Mozilla Firefox is based on Netscape Navigator.web browser

“If you use Mozilla Firefox as your web browser you’re essentially using Mosaic’s direct descendent. The graphic user interface and basic operation haven’t changed much in 20 years” Mr. Grieman said.

The most popular contemporary browsers, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox retain many of the characteristics of the original Mosaic graphical user interface (GUI) and interactive experience.

The first web page pretty much just states that the “Web” is now a thing that exists, and lists some of the people involved with the project and some technical information.

“The first webpage itself was actually taken down sometime in 1994, but when the internet turned twenty they reactivated it”, said Mr. Grieman.

The page has been preserved Here. It may be basic and look like a 12 year old snapped it together but the links work and you can navigate it just like every website built since using the browser on which you are reading this blog.

Happy Birthday Web Browser !!!



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