Body Worlds: How 28 Massage Students See Life’s Phases & Stages

Posted by on March 18, 2013

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Students were able to take what they’ve learned from the textbook, and see it in three-dimensional form at the Body Worlds exhibit.

Massage therapy degree students from the Minnesota School of Business-Blaine and -Plymouth campuses recently took their studies outside the classroom to experience the cycle of life. The 28 students took a field trip to the Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life exhibit at the Minnesota Science Museum on March 12.

Body Worlds is a traveling exhibition that takes visitors on a journey through the life cycle from conception to old age. Real human specimens, preserved through Dr. Gunther Von Hagens’ plastination method, are displayed.

Plastination refers to the preserving of tissues and organs that have been removed from the body of the deceased, by halting decomposition. There are now more than 400 plastination laboratories in 40 countries around the world.

“We’ve seen healthy organs versus unhealthy organs in text books, but seeing it in person really puts in into perspective,” said Shawna Ebert, massage therapy student.

The MSB students who attended ranged from being in their second quarter to upcoming winter 2013 graduates.

“I thought this was great because all of the students were very engaged and learning from not only the exhibit, but each other, too,” said Sara Krugerud, massage therapy program chair.

She added, “Pictures in books are nice to look at, but getting to see these plastination bodies really brings everything that the students are reading and hearing about together. This is my favorite field trip; I wish we always had this exhibit in Minnesota. I have been able to take multiple classes here and I always come away with something new.”

Sherry Pearson, another massage therapy student, noted, “This experience was very educational. I would recommend taking everyone 10 years of age and older!”

Body Worlds will be at the Science Museum of Minnesota through May 5.

Written by Sara Krugerud, Massage Therapy Program Chair

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