3 Ways to Pick a College

Posted by on March 18, 2013

When considering the right choice for college, prospective students must weigh a wealth of options that can seem overwhelming and confusing. That’s why college admissions staff at Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud decided recently to take some of the stress and mystery out of the process by inviting potential students onto campus for an informal evening of conversation.

college admissions

Medical Assistant Chair Lisa Smith and Explore MSB guest suit up

Instead of a quick recitation of general features and benefits you’d hear at a typical college fair, “Explore MSB” centered around face-to-face interaction with instructors in different fields and testimonials from current students. Presentations were career-specific and hands-on.

After attending Explore MSB, here are the top three factors that participants agreed were valuable in helping them make the big college decision.

1. Listen to current students speak about their experiences. Veterinary technology student, Dan Petersen, and information technology student, Aaron VanHeel, spoke to the Explore MSB guests during dinner. Each told their personal college entrance story and shared their experiences while attending college. They explained the difference that MSB’s small class sizes and personalized instruction meant to them. Each also highlighted involvement in student associations as being a way to connect and capitalize on the college years.

2. Interact with instructors and experience the career field hands-on. Medical Assistant Program Chair Lisa Smith is not shy about having prospective students jump right into the medical field. She had guests suit up in paper scrubs and learn to suture a chicken breast as part of her workshop presentation. Explore MSB guests agreed that the instructors’ hands-on approach made an impact on them and their career choice.

college admissions

Vet tech student Dan Petersen

3. Learn the specifics of the field.  Potential students appreciated receiving concrete details on what it takes to be a vet tech or massage therapist, for example. The clear message on expectations gave guests insight on what lies ahead for them in college (and their careers) and on whether their choice is a good fit for them.

Minnesota School of Business Admissions Representative Kelsie Herzog agrees that the event successfully engaged prospective students.

“Our guests had a firsthand look at what it’s like to be a student at MSB,” Kelsie said. “They were able to sit in on hands-on, program-specific workshops so they could get a feel for the program that they were interested in. We had a huge turnout and an overwhelming response to do this event again in the future.”

P.S. We’re sure offering a free dinner and complementary massage didn’t hurt either!


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