3 Reasons to Choose a Career Path—Soon

Posted by on March 14, 2013

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Veterinary Technology Chair Allina Faul demonstrates restraint techniques to Armstrong High School students

The Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth (MSB) campus recently played host to a group of local high school students looking to get an early start on choosing their career paths. 

It is not uncommon in this era of higher education to wait up to two years to declare a major and start working toward a specific degree. At MSB, students start in their chosen programs of study during the first quarter of their tenure.

Why is it so important to get a leg up on a career path early on in college? Here are three reasons to determine a career path sooner than later–or better yet, before the start of an academic career:

  1. Finish school quicker: The earlier career paths are started, the shorter the path is to graduation. 
  2. Start lining your pockets sooner: Less time in school equals an earlier start in the workforce. That also means adding a salary and subtracting accumulating more tuition.
  3. Get experience sooner: Internships are a big part of making connections and gaining experience in your career path. Once a route is chosen, internships and volunteer opportunities will become available to help form a solid base of industry-specific experience.

How We Help
Forty-five Robbinsdale Armstrong High School students had the chance to meet with MSB faculty, staff and students to explore fields such as veterinary technology, medical assisting, health and fitness, massage therapy and business to find their future fit.

Regina Hughes, massage therapy program chair, led a group discussion and hands-on activities such as paraffin wax and reflexology treatments.

“I thought it was a great experience for both our MSB students and the high school students,” Hughes said. “The [Armstrong] students had great questions and jumped into the learning section…overall it was a lot of fun.”

The percentage of college students changing majors mid-course has been estimated at as high as 80 percent. Getting a head start in a specific degree program by choosing and sticking with it is an easy way to save time and money on the typical college career.

“The earlier you determine what academic direction you want to take, the easier and quicker it is to complete college and start working in your field,” Director of Admissions Charles Andria said.

For more information on MSB academic programs, check out our degree program page here.

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