2 Classes, 1 Fantastic Literature Reading

Posted by on March 12, 2013

On March 7, 2012, the World Literature and Creative Writing classes at Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center enjoyed an evening of reading favorite authors’ works and students’ original works to an audience of students, staff, and faculty.

literature class

Joe Junkers reading one of his own pieces of literature.

The  two classes had been collaborating prior to the event, which provided a unique opportunity for students to be critical readers and writers.  Every week the World Literature class read original works written by students in the Creative Writing class and offered anonymous feedback to the writer.  Both classes agreed that the opportunity to give and receive feedback was valuable and made both more insightful readers and writers.

The campus event offered the entire student population at the Brooklyn Center campus an opportunity to hear works of literature by famous authors and original works from students, to support their classmates, and to enjoy a fun evening on campus before winter quarter winds down. Students from both classes did an outstanding job bringing their literary works to life through the formal reading process.

literature class

Michael Nicholson reads an excerpt by his favorite author

The collaboration process was a very positive one for both classes, so instructors Ann Deiman-Thornton and Hilary Dahlman hope to provide future students with similar projects. Additionally, they intend to share their experiences with the entire Brooklyn Center faculty at the next in-service, to promote inter-class collaboration across the campus.

Many courses, not just general education courses, could benefit from collaborative projects like this one. In addition to improving their writing and reading skills, students can improve their ability to interact with classmates as team members and improve their overall public speaking skills. The collaboration promotes high engagement and a fun learning environment.

Kudos to the students and to Deiman-Thornton and Dahlman for bringing the classes together and putting on a fabulous evening for all!

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.