Plunge into this Mind-Numbing Story!

Posted by on March 9, 2013

Minnesota School of Business, Polar Plunge
For most people, winter is about staying inside and avoiding the cold and snow as much as possible until spring. Staff and students at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester have a completely different philosophy: put on swimming attire, from silly to serious, and jump into water that is barely above freezing!

Recently, Taylor Metcalf and Larissa Eggler, students earning their bachelor’s degree in business administration, along with Cristofer Gore, director of career services, braved Mother Nature’s cold, windy weather by stepping out of their warm comfort zone and into a local lake for Special Olympics’ Polar Bear Plunge.

Why do we do it? Larissa Eggler and Taylor Metcalf, current bachelors of business administration students, say it best:

“Personally, jumping for the Polar Plunge has always been on my bucket list, I just never had the guts to actually commit to jumping. When I pitched the idea during a DECA meeting, Gabe and Taylor were all for it! I knew if I had some other people jumping with me, I would be more likely to actually go through with the plunge. I raised $80 myself, and then a fellow DECA member pitched in $75 the last minute because she couldn’t jump! I guess the overall experience was nothing to what you are expecting. Everything happens so quickly, your body doesn’t have the time to realize you are a human icicle! It definitely was a lot of fun, and I will be jumping again in the future. Maybe I will do the plunge every hour! The Polar Bear Plunge is for an amazing cause, and being a part of something that great is just an incredible feeling. I would recommend the plunge to anyone; being a human icicle with that warm, good feeling is something that cannot be topped!”  -Larissa Eggler

Minnesota School of Business, Special Olympics“I jumped because I work for a group home that is very active in the Special Olympics. I knew that any money I raise personally would directly benefit not only the clients I enjoy working for but all the other Special Olympians.” –Taylor Metcalf

In total, the Rochester Polar Plunge, with 1,053 plungers, raised $224,000! We like to say every little jump helps, so we’re happy that the few minutes of braving freezing water will provide long-term support for Special Olympics.

Whether it involves participating in a school sponsored service-learning project or jumping for a great cause like the Polar Plunge, giving back to the greater Rochester community begins the day that MSB-Rochester students and staff step foot into the campus door and, most often, gives birth to life-long volunteers!

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