Need a Playbook for Success? Student Associations Can Help

Posted by on March 8, 2013

Student association leaders and their advisors attended the annual awards ceremony at Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud recently in order to be recognized for their community efforts and achievements. But they walked away with much more than certificates and accolades.

Minnesota School of Business

Keynote speaker J.R. Burgess, ReJuv Medical

Keynote speaker, J. R. Burgess, chief financial officer and certified trainer for ReJuv Medical, impressed upon the audience the importance of the “power of one.”

  • “P stands for passion.” Burgess believes that you must follow your passion in both education and career choices. He commended the students in their college choice, saying that Minnesota School of Business shares a philosophy of caring in the community. ReJuv has partnered with MSB in service projects, mentored MSB interns and employed MSB graduates.
  • “O means on-going.” Burgess knows that “learning never stops.” He challenged the students to understand what they value and contribute to society.
  • “N stands for networking.” He urges students to add to their circle of influence in order to reach their goals and to be brave enough to walk away from relationships which bring them down like “crabs in a basket.”
  • “E means emotional maturity.” Burgess stresses that it is emotional maturity and strength that makes for inspired leaders, teachers and motivated students.

Minnesota School of Business

Graduate speaker Jerilyn Scott

Graduate speaker Jerilyn Scott motivated students through her personal story. As president of the Medical Association while she was in college, she feels that experience was invaluable in “reinforcing the lessons in the classroom and putting them in a real-world context,” she said.

And she acknowledged how hard it is for students in associations to manage the balancing act of school, work and maybe kids.

Still, she emphasized, “Now is the time to rise above and beyond your expectations.”

Hired soon after graduation, Scott inquired of her new employer, “Why did you hire me?”

His quick answer was: “Because of your involvement in the Medical Association.” He went on to say that Jerilyn was desirable because her involvement in the association showed she worked beyond her goals, applied herself and shared commitment.

Student association leaders left not only with congratulations but also words of wisdom for their futures.

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