Massage Therapy Students Flex their Mind-Body Muscles at Body Worlds

Posted by on March 8, 2013

Stephanie Copeman, adjunct massage therapy program instructor at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester had a great field trip idea for her Anatomy and Physiology for Massage Therapists class.  She found out that the Science Museum located in St. Paul, Minn., had the Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life back on display.  The last time this particular display was in Minnesota was almost four years ago!  This was a great opportunity for her class to actually see what the muscles, bones, tissues and fascia in our bodies look like.

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Stevie Balm, massage therapy program chair, was lucky enough to attend the field trip with Stephanie’s class and see first-hand how much the massage therapy students enjoyed their day at the Science Museum.  She was encouraged by students’ comments along the lines of “Wow, I didn’t think that muscle looked like that” or “This has helped me understand the human anatomy much better than by just looking at pictures in a book or online.”

Most people would think that medical assistant students would be more likely to attend Body Worlds, but what everyone needs to remember is that massage therapists need to know the anatomy and physiology of the body to avoiding harming our clients.  We need to know how the body stays together structurally and which areas are more susceptible to injuries because of more fragile structures.

Being able to actually see the human body without the skin and with layers of superficial muscles peeled back to see underlying structures and deeper muscles helps create a deeper level of understanding in our students about how much massage therapy can affect the body.

If you haven’t taken the time to see the Body Worlds exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota, Stevie highly recommends it, even if you aren’t in the medical field.  It’s a very powerful exhibit with much to offer anyone from any walk of life.  The theme for the exhibit is ‘The Cycle of Life,’ which walks you through the aging process so you are able to see what happens inside of our bodies as we grow older.  The exhibit is set to be at the Science Museum of Minnesota until mid-May, so get your glutes to the museum and prepare to be mesmerized!

Need more encouragement to visit the exhibit? These student testimonials should do it:

“Body Worlds at the Science Museum was a true educational experience.  No amount of studying from a text book could provide the visualization this exhibit was able to.  I was amazed at how seeing the human body in this way added to what I have been taught in the classroom.  A truly unique opportunity and one I was glad to be a part of.”  –Linda Howton, massage therapy student

“I was grateful to have had the opportunity to experience Body Worlds at The Science Museum of Minnesota.  It helped take what we have learned here at MSB to another level.”  – Crystal Katula, massage therapy student

“It was wonderful to get the opportunity to visit Body Worlds at the Science Museum. For me, it was a profound experience to be able to actually see the muscles and structures that I touch every day.”  – Donna Albertson, massage therapy student

Does learning more about the human body interests you? Contact Stevie at 507-536-9500 to learn more about massage therapy at MSB-Rochester.

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