5+ Infographics College Students Will Love

Posted by on March 6, 2013

Infographics are all over the web today—a simple Google search for “infographic” returns more than 44 million matches.

Although it may seem as though infographics were just recently created, our ancestors have used versions of them for centuries. So why didn’t they become popular back then? It’s my opinion that the nonexistence of social sharing sites played a role in cave drawings never going viral.

Lucky for us, there is a plethora of social sharing sites now, which makes infographics a marketer’s best friend. These trendy graphics are also a college student’s best friend because instead of reading a long article about a topic, they can simply scan an infographic and get the gist of the story.

Minnesota School of Business has even jumped on the infographic bandwagon by creating a one-page infographic about student and faculty ratios, campus populations, popular programs, graduate job placement, applied learning and more!

Here is Minnesota School of Business’s infographic:

Minnesota School of Business, infographic

Here are 5 infographics that college students will love:

1. Ever go to the library to do research anymore? Neither do most college students. Google is the new library, but it takes some skill to ensure you get solid sources of information.  For tips on how to use Google for research, check out this infographic on EdTech Magazine:

infographic how to get the most out of google, EdTech Magazine

2. Are you a stressed-out student? With classes, homework, jobs and families—most students are stressed!  For info on stressed students and how to unwind, check out OnlineCollegeClasses.com’s Infographic on Student Stress:

stressed out students, infographic
3. Have you ever applied for a scholarship and not received it? Then Student Scholarship Search’s Infographic is for you:

student scholarship search, scholarship tips infographic
4. Broke or just want to save money? Check out this infographic on how college students can save money:

how college students can save money, infographic
5. And just for fun—what college student hasn’t tried to live off ramen? Check out Hack College’s infographic for statistics on ramen and how to make the stuff taste better:

hack college, ramen noodles


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