Junior Vet Techs: College Students Teach the Next Generation

Posted by on March 5, 2013

Vet tech program

The Junior Vet Tech event introduces children to the world of veterinary care.

This quarter, Minnesota School of Business’s (MSB) vet tech program students and faculty have hosted two Junior Vet Tech events on the Lakeville campus. The events, which are attended by local children and their families, provide a glimpse behind the scenes of a veterinary clinic and allow attendees to see what happens when their pet visits a veterinarian. The events also give MSB vet tech students the opportunity to practice the skills they are learning in the classroom and engage the next generation in hands-on learning.

The events start with a game in which attendees identify the most common dog breeds, complete mazes to help animals find their way home, determine how much it costs to own a pet, and examine real animal X-rays. Attendees even get to try on the lead gowns that veterinary technicians wear to protect themselves when taking X-rays.

Throughout the evening, students and faculty hold sessions aimed at helping attendees understand how to better care for their pets. Sessions include:

  1. Physical Exams
    Attendees assist in performing a physical exam on a dog, cat and rabbit. They practice looking at the animals from nose to tail and listen to their heart and lungs. Our veterinary technology students discuss what pet owners can do to help keep their animals healthy and happy.
  2. Home Pet Care
    The children are taught why nutrition, exercise, grooming and dental care are important. Students explain what types of food are good and not good to feed pets, as well as how much and often they should be fed. The importance of not allowing a pet to get too dirty is also discussed, and the children are shown how much fun it can be to take care of their pets. The attendees practice cleaning the animal’s teeth, brushing their hair or fur and trimming their nails.
    Vet tech program

    Attendees got to help vet tech students and faculty with physical exams on a dog, cat and rabbit.

  3. The Lab
    In the lab, attendees learn about a vet tech’s job different duties. Students and faculty show the children various samples under microscopes, describing what vet techs might find when examining these types of samples. After reviewing samples, the attendees are shown how to properly wash their hands so they do not bring any germs home with them. Upon arrival to the lab, everyone uses hand sanitizer lotion that simulates germs. Before they leave, attendees hold their hands under a black light and if they didn’t wash their hands thoroughly enough the “germs” show up bright green.

By the end of the evening, attendees learn and participate in something new and interesting, and students are able to share their classroom experiences with the community through applied learning. The vet tech students and faculty plan to host additional Junior Vet Tech events this year.

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