Service Above Self – Rotary Membership Offers Multiple Benefits

Posted by on February 26, 2013

According to Rotary International’s website, Rotary Clubs have existed for more than 100 years.  More than 1.2 million members have joined local clubs, which are located in more than 200 countries.  The Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center campus is fortunate to belong to the Rotary Club of Brooklyn Park, with Kelly O’Brien, director of admissions, as our representative. 

Minnesota School of Business, RotaryO’Brien has been a member for less than a year, but his experiences have so far created memories to last a lifetime.  He has assisted the club on several occasions with their “Dictionary Project,” which aims to provide every third grade student in the city of Brooklyn Park with a dictionary.  In addition, O’Brien has recently become a mentor and will join other Rotarians once a month at Park Center Junior High School. 

Because not everyone knows what Rotary is, O’Brien offered to help our readers gain a better understanding of the organization.

Q: What is the purpose of a Rotary Club? 

A: The main goal of a Rotary Club is to give back to the community both globally and locally.   An example of a major project on a global level has been to eradicate polio.  A few examples of local projects have been to work with Junior Achievement, hold drives for hats and mittens, and distribute dictionaries.  We hold fundraisers throughout the year and then decide where the money will be best spent based on what current community needs are; these needs range from simple to complex.  We strive to serve as often as possible!

Q: What benefits has your membership provided up to this point? 

A: Becoming a Rotarian was a great move for both my personal and professional life.  Personally, it has helped me to give back to the local community; I have always wanted to get more involved, and this club has assisted with that goal.  Professionally, I have been able to network with local and global business leaders.  Also, I really feel that I am able to take the “We Care” mission of Minnesota School of Business to a new level.

Q: Do you recommend that individuals join a Rotary Club? 

A: Absolutely!  If you are looking to give back to your community, the Rotary Club would be a great organization to check out.  Check out the Rotary International website to find out if joining would be the right move for you.  You would also be able to locate a local club on the site.

Wild Game Dinner

Q: What has been your favorite Rotary event thus far? 

A: By far the best event has been the club’s annual fundraiser, the Wild Game dinner, which took place on February 21.  I was able to try several types of food that I have only dreamed of trying!  A few of my favorites were kangaroo, camel, yak, elk, and frog legs.  Not only was the food amazing, but the entire evening was very well put together.  It was great to see so many people come together to raise money for our local community needs.

Thank you to Kelly O’Brien for helping us understand the Rotary Club a little better!

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.