KEEP Up Good Health: 100 Receive Free Kidney Screenings

Posted by on February 22, 2013

medical assistant programWhat if you could help others by giving them the knowledge to take charge of their health, and it wouldn’t cost you (or them) a thing?

Colleena Coleman, medical assistant program chair, and Jennifer Fisher, medical assistant student, did just that. The Minnesota School of Business-Blaine campus representatives volunteered at the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Twin Cities Annual kidney screening on January 30.

The NKF offers a program called KEEP – Kidney Early Evaluation Program, that helps individuals detect the early onset of kidney disease. Tests are provided to the community for free to those who are at high risk. High risk individuals are those who have a history of diabetes, hypertension, and those with immediate family members who have a history of diabetes and kidney disease.

At the screening, participants were provided health risk assessments, blood pressure measurements, blood and urine tests, and the opportunity to discuss their health with onsite clinicians. Colleena had a great time maintaining their own blood drawing unit, where they were able to meet and work with a diverse group of individuals. Nearly 100 participants received a screening that day.

“It was great being able to immediately provide the participants with their glucose readings,” noted Colleena. “I also enjoyed seeing them be proactive and feel good about and taking responsibility for their own health. And, Jennifer was able to apply her clinical skills learned at MSB and demonstrated great professionalism.”

According to Colleena, many of the local residents were pleased to have the screening opportunity, as many of them expressed their concerns of not having any health insurance coverage. Some stated that they have not seen a doctor for years because they are uninsured.

“This is why I think it’s important to support these types of events,” Colleena explained. “It is great to see the effort put forth from different organizations to come together and provide these types of screenings for high risk communities.”

Written by Colleena Coleman, Medical Assistant Program Chair, Minnesota School of Business-Blaine

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