3 Tips to Finish College Faster

Posted by on February 21, 2013

business management student

Business management student Shaun Ulrich is taking 25 credits this quarter and is scheduled to graduate in March.

We get it. Life is hectic, and you’re probably already close to using your 24 daily allotted hours.

Most of you reading this are trying to decide, or have already made the leap, by adding school to your agenda. You have decided to better yourself and those around you by working toward an associate or bachelor’s degree and a career that you love. We commend you and congratulate you for that.

But you still may be asking yourself, “Can I do a little more?”

We believe you can.

Many of you are part-time students. Let’s say this is your first quarter in the veterinary technology program. You haven’t brought any credits in, and only plan to take eight per quarter. Here’s what your college career will look like if continue at that pace:

Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology (Eight credits per quarter)
108 credits
14 quarters
Graduation Date: June 2016

Now, let’s see what happens when you add just ONE four-credit class per quarter:

Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology (12 credits per quarter)
108 credits
9 quarters
Graduation Date: March 2015
Tuition savings: $2,520
Wages earned working in your field sooner than expected: ???

You may feel that you don’t have the time, or will, to take more credits each quarter. If that’s the case, you may be interested to know that 17 students at the Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth are taking at least 16 credits. Tuition is capped at that 16 credit-per-quarter mark, meaning you are not charged tuition for credits 17 and above! Great deal for you, right?

Shaun Ulrich, a business management student, is currently taking a whopping 25 credits. Below, he weighs in on the objections some students may have of doing just a little bit more each quarter.

  • Objection #1: I don’t have the time to take any more classes! I work! I’m swamped!

We totally understand! Let’s face it, that time getting to-and-from campus and participating in a residential class can eat up your spare hours. One question you should be asking yourself is, “Do I want to stay in my current job, or do I want to start in my new career?” Taking just one extra class can help with that. And don’t forget–some of your work experience may count toward your graduation requirements.

“I think taking that many classes gives people a lot more anxiety than it should,” Ulrich said. “It does seem intimidating, but once you start doing it, you really see that it’s worth it.”

  • Objection #2: I can’t afford to take any more classes.

That’s what our financial aid team is here for! They are here to help you with your payment options. Don’t forget scholarships–they are a viable option as well. Minnesota School of Business has several institutional scholarships, and we match any external scholarships, up to $1,000.

Remember, the more credits you take, the more money you save in the long run thanks to our tuition cap set at 16 credits.

“It’s nice to see those eight or nine free credits every 11 weeks,” Ulrich said of his 25-credit class load.

  • Objection #3: I have a family!
class registration

Registration for the 2013 spring quarter is now open.

Family comes first, no doubt about it. This is where your support team at Plymouth comes in. We can work with your schedule so that it meets your needs. That’s why we have online and hybrid class options. You can log in, participate and learn from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have access to the internet and a computer.

“With just one extra class per quarter, you save nearly a year of sitting in classes,” said MSB-Plymouth’s education and career coordinator, Carrie Super.

With all that being said, spring quarter registration is open. Are you going to do just a little bit more next quarter? We hope so (and we’re here to help!).

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.