Top Internet Marketing Careers

Posted by on February 14, 2013

Internet MarketingIs there a future in internet marketing? The answer is a resounding yes, and the internet marketing industry is actually experiencing a profound talent gap. Tanzina Zega reported in the New York Times that recruiters at major ad agencies nationwide are expressing frustration over a “shallow” talent pool, and are finding a lack of candidates with “hard core quantitative, mathematical and technical skills.” As consumers increasingly turn to the internet to find product and service solutions, recruiters at major firms are struggling to find individuals who can fill their organization’s need for talent. Minnesota School of Business offers the training needed to break into this expanding field.  We’ve highlighted several of the most-lucrative careers in the field of digital marketing here:

1. Web Developers
Every company with a strong online presence needs a functional, attractive and up-to-date website. Demand for web developers and designers has grown 37% since May 2010, and PRWeb recently reported over 10,000 live postings online for individuals with the skills to build a website. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average pay of $75,660 annually, and projects that the profession will grow at a higher than average rate through 2020. 

2. Marketing Analysts
The internet has made it much easier to track the behavior and interest of prospects and leads. Each click, download and purchase results in a data trail, andinternet marketing the smart companies are those who use this information to improve their approach. Marketing analysts, individuals who utilize data intelligently to improve an organization’s approach to their internet marketing strategy, need strong mathematical skills and a working knowledge of analytics programs. The profession is expected to grow 41% by 2020, according to the BLS, and average income is currently $60,572 annually. 

3. Content Marketing
Traditional journalism may be dead, but content marketing is undoubtedly on the rise. Recent research indicates that 79% of marketers are using custom web content at a moderate or aggressive pace for up-selling, customer retention, generating leads and search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. Spending on quality content has risen 13% over the past two years.  Talented writers who can produce content that’s optimized for both search engines and readers can expect to find a wide number of positions for their skill set. 

4. Graphic Design
Every organization needs a logo and an attractive website to act as a digital calling card. By communicating visual concepts through digital software platforms, graphic designers can tie together internet marketing concepts into a seamless online strategy. The BLS projects average growth in the profession over the next decade and the reported median income is around $43,000. It’s clear that internet marketers who can offer both graphic design and web development experience on their resume will be highly sought-after. 

5. Paid Internet Marketing Specialists
Paid advertising is prevalent online for a reaso.  It’s a pretty effective way for companies to drive traffic to their websites and generate leads. It’s not easy to correctly target ads to the right consumers online, which is why talented and knowledgeable pay-per-click (PPC) professionals are in particularly high demand. Online strategist Sean McVey recently shared data that indicates high-growth firms typically use paid advertising 3 times more than companies who grow more slowly, indicating the efficacy of this internet marketing method.

Whether traditional marketers like it or not, the internet is undoubtedly here to stay. While internet marketing may have seemed like a questionable endeavor a decade ago, it’s apparent that it’s now a definite profession that can yield significant fiscal return and opportunity for professionals. Arm yourself with a degree in Internet Marketing from Minnesota School of Business and take advantage of the opportunities!



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