Love Stinks – Who Needs a Valentine?

Posted by on February 14, 2013

Minnesota School of BusinessLet’s be honest.  Not everyone loves Valentine’s Day.  In fact, some people hate Valentine’s Day. People don’t like to be reminded that they are single on a day when love is in the air.  To combat this issue, the Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center campus held its second annual Anti-Valentine’s Day party for students, staff, and faculty members to attend on February 12.  The party had no hearts, no red, and absolutely no love or romance.  Fun “love stinks” quotes lined the lounge for all to read.

Kofi Montzka, paralegal program chair, and Bard Meier, music and media business program chair, came up with the idea of having this type of party a few years ago.  They wanted to find a fun way to have an inclusive party that everyone could find a way to relate to.  Most people have had at least one “crappy” Valentine’s Day in the past, and this type of party would be a fun way to celebrate that.

This year’s party went hand-in-hand with the quarterly student appreciation event, so festivities took place in both the afternoon and the evening.  Anyone on campus had the opportunity to stop by the lounge for anti-social bingo, pizza, cake, and music.  The music selections were played by request thanks to the music business students, and every tune seemed to have a “love stinks” feel to it.  Staff and faculty even made sure to wear all black for the entire day.

Students also shared examples of their terrible Valentine’s Day experiences.  The most common theme was that students never had a date.  One male student shared how he dumped his girlfriend on the big day, and one female student shared how her boyfriend ran into some trouble with the law.

Minnesota School of Business

Family Law students

While both sessions of the party were similar in nature, the evening session had an extra part to it.  Montzka’s Family Law class gave a presentation on prenuptial agreements.

The students began by playing a video vignette dealing with celebrities and legal issues, which the audience really enjoyed.  Throughout the short presentation, information was presented on what a prenuptial agreement is, why an individual might need one, and examples of not only celebrity agreements but common examples of Minnesota couples who have divorced and suffered because an agreement was never made prior to marriage.  Many were shocked with the types of celebrity agreements that were shared!

All in all, the day was a big hit for everyone who attended, and everyone was reminded that you can still have fun even without romance.

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