An Ode to Us: Some Valentine’s Day Love

Posted by on February 14, 2013

career services, minnesota school of business richfield campusIt’s that day. People love it. Or hate it. Love to hate it? Or hate to love it? Whatever your stance is, today is Valentine’s Day. Chocolates and roses as far as the eye can see. Our Career Services department, in their always-seasonally-appropriate décor, has shiny hearts dangling from the ceiling.

At this point in my life, I love the nostalgia of Valentine’s Days. Visions of heart-shaped cookie-decorating and valentine-making wash away the ever so slightly less wonderful memories involving flowers being delivered to every one of my friends, except me, during the always-tragic life of a junior high girl. And, as I decorated Goldfish Valentine packages to be sent with my 13-month-old to daycare to be passed around to her baby friends, a wave of Valentine’s Day enthusiasm rushed through me.

Therefore, I decided to ask my coworkers and colleagues at Minnesota School of Business-Richfield what they loved – with one caveat. It couldn’t be spouses or children – no family of any kind. What, oh what, do you love about MSB?

minnesota school of business, Valentine's Day“I believe it is our wonderful students and their desire to get an education that makes MSB-Richfield such an amazing place. The combination of those students along with administration and faculty who truly care, great things continue to happen.”  –Bea Dehler, Medical Assistant Instructor

“EVERYTHING! I enjoy the people – students, faculty and staff. I feel like we have a great community here and that people really care about each other and want each other to succeed. I love coming to work every day knowing that we are doing something good–something that not only makes a positive and significant impact in the lives of our students, staff, and faculty, but also in our community.” – Amy Stadem, Medical Assistant Executive Program Chair

“I love working with such a talented group of staff and faculty who are invested in student success.  Seeing them grow and helping students to grow is extremely gratifying.” – Stacy Severson, Campus Director

“What I love about MSB-Richfield:  The school is small enough that we get to know our students really well;  because of that, we become invested in their success and their future.”  – Carol Barta, Financial Aid

“Everyone makes an effort to make everyone feel at home. Like we belong here. Like we’re valued.” – Elizabeth Riley, Dean of Nursing

“The reason I love what I do at MSB-Richfield is working with the nursing students, supporting them in their nursing career journey, looking at their success, and watching them become our nurses for tomorrow.” – Janiel Preuss, Nursing Instructor

“I love working for MSB-Richfield because I get to help people achieve their dreams every day.” – Kelly Running, Director of Financial Aid

“What I love about MSB is that we are helping students prepare for careers in their chosen fields; it’s extremely rewarding.”  – Carol Roos, Campus Librarian

“I like the students. Mine are a blast!” – Peter Border, Game and Application Design Chair

“The incredible support system that comes from every department on this campus. Everyone works as a team to ensure overall student success.” – Nicole Whitcomb, Associate Dean of Students

“I love seeing our students’ journey from start to finish.” – Shelby Pahl, Dean of Students

And what do I love?

“I love that I got an enthusiastic response to an email I sent around asking why people loved MSB-Richfield. I love that I had to edit out a million smiley face emoticons from the emails people sent because they are truly that happy about answering the question. I love working at a place where people love to work.” – Hillary Brodsky, Community Manager

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.