6 Tips to Graduate Faster

Posted by on February 12, 2013

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So you’re a student at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester and a resident expert presents numerous options for graduating faster? Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Here are some tips and student testimonials that will help you reach your goal of graduating at a faster pace.

  • Test-outs are available at no charge

Many classes have test outs available for them. This is not an option for every class, but if you think that you have prior knowledge or skills, it is worth checking out to see if there is a test-out available.  Prior to taking the test-out, make sure you prepare yourself by reviewing the syllabus.  You only get one attempt at the test-out.  If you don’t pass, you take the class. The most common classes students try to test out of include: Keyboarding (KY100), MS Office Professional I (CL131), and Introduction to Computer Literacy (CL111). Think you might have what it takes to pass a test-out?  Contact Angie Fein at 507-536-9500 or afein@msbcollege.edu

  • Get credit for your experiences

Work experience is another way for you to gain credits outside of transfer credits and test-outs.  To receive credits for work experience, you are building a portfolio detailing how your experience is relevant toward a course. An example of this could be someone who has done payroll for a company. This person was trained on the job, so there isn’t a possibility for transfer credits. However, she could document the training she received by writing a letter, having her employer write a letter, and provide training certificates. There is specific paperwork to apply for work experience. If you are interested in finding out more about work experience, contact Karen Cook at 507-535-8089 or kcook@msbcollege.edu

  • Consider taking a higher credit load

Taking a higher credit load each quarter will help you progress through your program at a faster pace.  For example, consider the Bachelor of Business Administration degree.  The degree is 180 credits. If you go full-time, completing 12 credits per quarter, it will take you 15 quarters to graduate, which is one quarter less than four years.  If you complete an average of 15 credits per quarter, it will take you 12 quarters to graduate, which is three years. That’s a whole nine months ahead of a person taking 12 credits per quarter!

  • Stay committed to your classes

Do not fail or withdraw. Both of these will mean that you will need to repeat the course, which in turn adds more time that you will need to be in school. We know you like being a student here; we want you to love finding a career with your degree in the shortest amount of time possible!

  • Take classes all four quarters 

By not taking any time off of school, you are not postponing your graduation date. You cannot make satisfactory progress if you aren’t in school. Additionally, the longer you’re here, the less time you’re spending out there in the workforce making money!

  • Maximize your transfer credits and CLEP exams

If you have gone to school somewhere else, your transcripts will be reviewed for classes that are relevant toward your program. If you are wondering why something might not have transferred in, contact Dorinda Leise at 507-535-8034 or dleise@msbcollege.edu. If you have completed a CLEP exam through a different school, it may work toward credits here as well.

These testimonials express it best: graduate faster, save money and secure a career in your field, sooner rather than later, just like these students:

  • “My motivation for going to school full time and carrying a large credit load is that I am highly motivated to get out into the workforce and want to be able to do so in the shortest amount of time possible.”  -Charity Luetke, student
  • “The reason I chose to take on additional credits is to graduate sooner.” -Kelly Derby, student
  • WE ALL have opportunities waiting for us upon graduation and it is very important to remember why we are getting the degree in the first place. I work full time and I have managed to take anywhere from 16 to 21 credits a quarter to complete my degree faster.I chose to take more than 16 credits a quarter for a few different reasons. When you are enrolled in a bachelor’s degree it can seem overwhelming initially.  As you take classes on a full-time basis you take important courses like Project Management, Leadership and Management, Microsoft Office I and II, among others. These courses not only are core requirements of your degree, but they allow you to apply things you have learned to better manage study habits, submit reports faster and more accurately, and it gives you the ability to break down what you need to accomplish each week, each quarter and it allows you to see your graduation date approach faster.” -Neil Doyle, student

For next month: find out how to save money while graduating faster.

Feel free to reach out to any of the above listed contacts or call 507-536-9500 for more information.

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