4 Reasons to Support Student Access, Student Choice in Higher Education

Posted by on February 7, 2013

As a Minnesota School of Business student, how would you feel if you couldn’t attend the higher education institution of your choice?  How would you feel if you didn’t have access to financial aid because you chose a college that best suits your needs?

MCCA Hill Day

Students Jamie Fagerman and Catherine Skinner with Senator Kiffmeyer

As a past college student, I know I would feel like my state and government had let me down. Luckily, the State of Minnesota currently believes that students should have access to the state grant program no matter what college they attend.

This hasn’t always been the case, though. Throughout the years, legislators have tried to put a stop to student access and choice; however, thanks to events like MCCA’s Hill Day, access and choice still stand.

On Tuesday, three Minnesota School of Business-Elk River students joined more than a hundred other college students from across Minnesota to participate in MCCA’s Hill Day at the Minnesota State Capital. The purpose of Hill Day is to visit with local legislators about the importance of student access and student choice.

Here are four reasons to support student access and student choice in higher education:

  1. It enables all Minnesota students to choose the post-secondary institution that best meets their educational needs.
  2. It provides financial support to low and moderate income students to gain access to the institution of their choice.
  3. It increases the skilled workforce needed to meet the needs of Minnesota employers.
  4. It improves the confidence of all Minnesota students by providing access and choice to a post-secondary institution where they can succeed.

Along with these reasons, Minnesota School of Business-Elk River students shared their positive college experience with local legislators. Senator Kiffmeyer and Representative Fitzsimmons.

Overall, the 2013 MCCA Hill Day was another success and students will continue to have access and choice to higher education, for now.

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