Why You Need an Accounting Degree

Posted by on February 4, 2013

accounting degreeWhen people hear the mention of accountants they often think of boring jobs. What they may not understand is that accounting is an exciting and growing field with many different jobs available. An accounting degree from Minnesota School of Business is one of the best ways to kick off a future with employment stability. There are many jobs in accounting and they do not keep you locked in a cubicle going through stacks of boring papers!!

Here are some of the best reasons to consider an accounting degree.

  • Earning power really goes up when you have a degree. You become an applicant that has the credentials that employers are looking for and they are willing to pay for it. While being a bookkeeper can be great it is nearly impossible to get the salary an accounting degree will bring you and without that degree many great jobs are closed to you.
  • Access to better jobs comes with an accounting degree. When you have an accounting degree you can really go after the great jobs.
  • Job security is a major factor in having an accounting degree. When economic times are tough accountants still have jobs. Audits still need to be done and businesses need to have an accountant to get them the information they need to survive the tough times.
  • Accounting is a growing industry and with that degree you are getting yourself in a position to get some of the great jobs coming up.
  • With a degree in accounting you have the chance to work in a huge variety of businesses and all of the different areas within them. If you love animals, many veterinarian clinic employ accountants. Casinos have jobs for numerous accountants in many areas. Sports teams need accountants to keep up with all the business a sports team can generate. No matter what business you might think of, accountants are necessary to keep the business running.

Today’s accountant jobs are much more diverse and exciting than you might imagine. These are some of the more exciting jobs that accountants do today.accounting degree

  • International accountants travel all over the world and work with people of many cultures.
  • Forensic accountants work to detect white collar crime. The forensic accountant investigates financial crime and insurance fraud and often works with law enforcement agencies.
  • IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agents work on solving crimes of embezzlement, extortion and other crimes.
  • Comptroller’s control a company’s purse strings by carefully watching all incoming and out going finances. This is a big responsibility and can be a great job.
  • Chief financial officers are responsible for a company’s financial goals and budgets. To many financial analysts, the CFO is as important as the CEO.

Accounting is a field that can lead you to the job of your dreams. No matter what field may hold your interest there is an accountant somewhere in the business making sure things are going smoothly.

With an accounting degree there are many jobs that will be within your grasp. The first step is to have the necessary training to handle accounting jobs. An accounting degree from Minnesota School of Business will give you that first step.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.