Bachmann Talks Federal Deficit with Elk River Chamber Members

Posted by on February 1, 2013

Michele Bachmann, Minnesota School of Business

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann talks with Chamber members

“It is so easy to spend other people’s money, but it is so hard to earn and make money,” said Sixth District Congresswoman Michele Bachmann as she kicked off a brief meeting with Elk River Chamber Members at Minnesota School of Business – Elk River on Tuesday.

This quote rang true for many of the Chamber members present, as the majority of them are small business owners who personally know it is no easy task to make money.

The basis of Bachmann’s conversation focused on why she voted “no” to giving the president four months of unlimited borrowing authority.

To paint a clear picture of her “no” vote reasoning to Chamber members, she gave a college-level lesson, complete with whiteboard drawings, to illustrate the $1.8 trillion annual deficit due to a simple math logic—more money going out than coming in.

In a statement released by her office last month confirming her no vote, she stated, “Reckless borrowing and spending has left the U.S. with downgraded credit, impending galloping inflation, and a nearly $16.5 trillion national debt.”

One Elk River Chamber member asked Bachmann how, as small business owners, they could help with the situation.  While Bachmann didn’t have an answer to the gentleman’s question, another Chamber member voiced that the answer is to become a country that is a producer of goods, once again.

“It was wonderful to have Congresswoman Bachmann at our campus,” said Campus Director Candi Janssen.  “And it was great that she took time to talk to the Chamber Connections group, which has such a nice mix of business owners and leaders in our community.”

Before departing, Congresswoman Bachmann took time to chat with Minnesota School of Business students who were studying in the lounge.

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