University Graduates Continue on as Employees

Posted by on January 30, 2013

We care about our students, graduates, employers, and employees at Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center, and each quarter we enjoy sharing a story and a photo of those individuals with our campus community.  Earlier in the month, our readers learned about Dana Mueller, a recent paralegal graduate from our campus, and just a few days ago, our readers were introduced to Maria Young, a current health care management degree student.  Now it is time to highlight two employees: Alicia Larson, medical assistant degree and medical administrative assistant program chair, and Robert Harder, student account representative. Both are Globe University/Minnesota School of Business alumni.

medical assistant degree
Meet Alicia Larson

Alicia has been with Minnesota School of Business for the past  three and a half years.  She has been a student worker, a full-time instructor,  and the externship coordinator at the Globe University-Woodbury campus.  She then came to Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center as a program chair.  Alicia has been teaching since August 2010. 

Alicia has received her Associate in Applied Science in Medical Assisting from Globe University.  She is currently working on her Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management, also from Globe University. 

What Alicia likes most about being at the Brooklyn Center campus is simply the atmosphere here; she believes it is friendly, fun, and inviting.  Her favorite memories have been seeing MA students as excited and passionate about the field as she is. 

In her spare time, Alicia enjoys bowling; she is quite good at it!  She likes to watch Gator Boys and a show about Alaska.  Alicia likes to listen to any type of music, and her favorite television show is “Scandal.”  Her favorite food is angel food cake.  She also admits to not liking chocolate!

business managementMeet Robert Harder

Rob has been with Minnesota School of Business for the past three and a half years.  He began as a safety coordinator and now works as a student account representative.

Rob has received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management with an emphasis in finance as well as a Master of Science in Management with an emphasis in managerial leadership.  He obtained both degrees through Minnesota School of Business.    

What Rob likes most about being at the Brooklyn Center campus is working with great staff and interacting with the students.  He said that being located in Brooklyn Center gives us the opportunity to be closely connected with the city of Minneapolis, and he loves being involved.  

Rob’s favorite memory from work is hanging out with the MSB Bee mascot and having a dance off with it.  In his spare time, he likes to GTL (gym-tan-laundry).  Rob’s favorite type of music is whatever is new in Bard’s studio (that’s Bard Meier, music business program chair). He enjoys watching anything and everything on Netflix because there are no commercials.  His favorite food is cheese.

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