This Is How You Get the Job: Interview Tips from Interviewers

Posted by on January 30, 2013

interview tipsYou got the call – you’ve been asked to come in to interview for an amazing job. The one you’ve been crossing your fingers and wishing on stars for. You’ve done all the right things to get to the point where you’ve been selected for the interview – you made an appointment with Career Services and they helped you polish your resume. You got a LinkedIn account. You scour the job boards every morning, on your lunch break, and every night.

But it’s the morning of the interview and all of those article and gazillions of tips you read about how to nail the interview have completely vanished into a thick cloud of anxiety. Excitement is replaced by nervousness as you punch the address into your GPS. Now what?

Though tips and articles on perfecting the art of the interview are plenty, there are some interview tips that are basic yet often overlooked, and likely, the most important. Instead of rehearsing your scripted answer to “what are you weaknesses,” or memorizing the CEO’s educational background, take a moment, and go back to the basics.

Here are some of the most important, and easiest, interview tips from some of the Minnesota School of Business-Richfield staff who have a lot of knowledge, and experience, being in the interviewer’s seat.

Side note: When gathering these tips, there was one that was mentioned by a majority of the people interviewed. This means something—it’s incredibly important!

Campus Director Stacy Severson, Dean of Faculty Lisa Kilmer, and Sarah Loe from Career Services all said this: Research the company!

“Do your research,” Stacy said. “I want to hire an employee that really wants to work with our organization.  Get to know a little about us and tell me why you are excited about this position at this company.”

Lisa also said, “Research the company you are interviewing for. Know their mission statement and what they want to accomplish in the year ahead. If you want to work for a company, it shows you actually care enough to learn about them before walking in the door.”

Sarah added, “Research the company ahead of time. Know what the company does and what their goals are.”

Some other tips:

“Smile! And turn off your cell phone.” – Sara Shore, Career Services

“Be confident!  If you don’t believe you are the best person for the job, why should I?  Even if you don’t know anything about the other applicants, come into the interview and be ready to tell me how your skills and experience make you best suited for this position.” – Stacy Severson, Campus Director

“Follow up after the interview by sending a thank you note. This is a must!” – Sarah Loe, Career Services

“I would say the best tip I have is dress for success.” – Shelby Pahl, Dean of Students

“Be genuine. Be passionate. Be enthusiastic.” – Chris Holder, Career Services

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