College: It’s for the Young—and Young at Heart

Posted by on January 29, 2013

Minnesota School of Business

MSB Students Kyle Kluenenberg and Vickie Borgen

One of the most unique characteristics that I love about Minnesota School of Business-Elk River is the huge range of people who attend our career college.  For example, there is a 39-year difference between our youngest student and our oldest–that’s pretty cool if you ask me!

Learning about this huge age gap got me thinking–how does our youngest and oldest student’s thoughts on college-related things differ? How are they the same?  See the results for yourself–it’s pretty interesting.

Interview with Kyle Kluenenberg (one of the youngest students on campus) and Vickie Borgen (one of the oldest students on campus).


1. What has been your biggest challenge while going to school?

Y: My biggest challenge while I’m going to school right now is being able to balance the schooling, homework, two jobs, and time for friends and family.
O: Learning what the terms meant, like PowerPoint, Excel, and APA style.

2. What is something in school that you thought would be more challenging than it is?

Y: I thought homework would be a lot harder than I planned for.
O: Getting to know the younger students—I thought they would not want to work with me since I am older.

3. What keeps you motivated while in college?

Y: I stay motivated because I am excited to have a degree to work with while searching to begin a career.
O: I really want to do this so it is something I decided I am going to work at as hard as I can. Also, I want to make my dad proud—he is not with me anymore, but I know he can see what I am doing.

4. What initially made you decide to attend college?

Y: I planned on going to college because I had always thought it was the ‘norm.’ I’m still shocked to find out people in my life HAVEN’T gone to college.
O: I remember the words my dad once said to me: “I wish one of the girls would have gone to college.” It has haunted me for a long time, so I need to prove I can do it. I also want to find a career that I believe in.

5. What are you hoping to gain out of getting a degree?

Y: The biggest thing I’m hoping to get from my degree is the recognition for being such a hard worker, and being able to use that towards starting a career.
O: I hope I will find a job that challenges me and keeps me motivated. I am very proud of how much I have learned and will never regret taking time out of my life to go to school.

6. What was your favorite TV show as a kid?

Y: As a kid, my favorite shows were SpongeBob and Ally McBeal.
O: I loved the Flintstones and the Jetsons.

7. What do you enjoy most about being in school? 

Y: The best part of school is staying busy, that way my time isn’t wasted elsewhere.
O: I love going to school. I cannot believe how much I have learned.

8. What was your biggest fear entering college?

Y: The biggest fear of college I had was failing a class. I didn’t want that to hint at someone with a lack of effort or commitment.
O: I was scared about everything. From the time I walked in the door to my first class. I went home and cried because I did not think I could do it.

9. What have you discovered about yourself since you have been in school?

Y: Since I started college, I’ve realized that I’m smarter than I gave myself credit for. I didn’t plan to understand everything my instructors are saying, or how to do my homework. It’s great!!
O: I found out that I am smarter than I thought. I am amazed at the work I have done in college and every day I think to myself, “Look how much I have accomplished.”

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