7 Things You Don’t Know About the Library

Posted by on January 29, 2013

library At MSB-Richfield, We Care about our students (it’s our Mission!). We want our Nursing students to have access to timely medical journals. We want a place for our Accounting students to be able to consult the latest Accounting Handbook. We want all of our students to have access to resources to make that APA-style paper seem a little less scary and a lot more manageable.  We want a place where all of this is possible. Lucky for us—we have that place. It’s called the Library.

There are probably some things you don’t know about the campus library, though, and you should. You really should. Because if you haven’t been to a library lately, well, then you haven’t been to a library.

1. It’s open 24/7. Most library services are available from any computer with an internet connection. What’s that means for you? You can log in and have access to databases, research tools, and more from the comfort of your own home. In your pajamas. At 2 a.m.

2. There’s an online chat available to help you. Are you the kind of person who’d rather have a virtual chat than an in-person one? We’ve got you covered. Monday–Friday and also on Homework Day (aka Sunday), an MSB/Globe University librarian is online and ready to answer your questions. You can also consult the FAQ’s – which cover questions your fellow students have asked – from “how do I create a running head in Microsoft Word” to “how can I find a SWOT analysis.”

3. It’s text savvy. Can’t get online? Text your questions to 651-300-0550 and a librarian will get back to you.

4. There are 1000s of articles available. How can a small library house thousands of articles and journals? Through online databases subscription services. Get online and find professional, peer-reviewed publications (don’t know what that means – see #7).

5. Hundreds of e-books are available to you. Because who needs to lug around a heavy book.

6. Getting ILL (Interlibrary Loans) is a good thing. If you can’t find the book you need on our campus, we can get it for you from another GEN campus in about a week.

library msb richfield 7. You have an expert at your beck and call. Stop by the library for an on-site expert (her name is Carol). She would love to help you find credible sources for your next research paper (there’s more than Google and Wikipedia!). If you aren’t on campus to utilize Carol and her awesome resources, see #2.

Did we mention you can print for free in the library? Oh, yeah. There’s that too!

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.