Succeeding in College: 3 Tips from a Vet Tech Student

Posted by on January 26, 2013

veterinary technology programFor veterinary technology degree student Lauren Swain, attending class is only the beginning of her career preparation. Lauren goes the extra mile to equip herself for a successful future and mentors her peers in hopes of helping them succeed as well.

Lauren began attending Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee in early fall of 2011, when she enrolled in the veterinary technology degree program. Lauren was recently honored with a SPANC (Superior Performance of Animal Nursing Care) award from the Veterinary Technology Department for her active participation and dedication to the program.

“Lauren is a great example of a student who goes above and beyond what is asked of her,” said Alesha Schutz, veterinary technology program chair at Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee. “Lauren’s ambition, dedication and willingness to help others is truly commendable.”

Lauren works in the campus library and the Resource Center, where she tutors fellow students enrolled in medical terminology and veterinary calculations classes. She also helps students with math.

“I enjoy tutoring because it not only allows me to help others improve their skills and gain a better understanding of concepts, but it also helps me learn,” Lauren said.

Lauren recommends these three tips to any student to be successful while in college:

  1. Keep a positive attitude – “It is important to stay positive. It makes coming to class and participating so much more enjoyable; and you gain much more from the experience,” Lauren said.
  2. Ask for help when you need it – “Sometimes we as students can be timid when it comes to asking for help, but it is important to do so. Our instructors and the Resource Center on campus are great resources for students to get help when needed,” Lauren shared.
  3. Get involved as much as you can – “Beyond being passionate about the career field you’re pursuing, getting involved on and off campus is important,” Lauren said. In addition to tutoring and working in the library, Lauren is a member of the Student Chapter of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (SCNAVTA) and works at a local dog boarding facility.


After graduation this June, Lauren plans to move to Mankato with her soon-to-be-husband where she hopes to work in a small veterinary clinic.

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