5 Students, 5 Medals: Spotlight Beams Brightly on Business Students

Posted by on January 18, 2013

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Success in business, especially while in school, requires ambition and persistence. Adopting this belief early on in life will do wonders for life-long professional success. Business students at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester are living, breathing and embracing this philosophy even before they set foot in the business world.

Recently, five of our accounting and business degree students and one DECA advisor met at o-dark-thirty (6:00 a.m.) for the drive to Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville for this quarter’s DECA competition.  With their senses finely tuned and preparation for the event behind them, these students only had one thing on their minds: to bring glory to themselves and the MSB-Rochester campus!

Taylor Metcalf, Leroy Ruben-Schmitz, Larissa Eggler, Gabe Muller, and Jennifer Malecha competed in the competition, in the categories of Retail Management, Sales Management, Human Resources, Marketing Management, and Business Ethics.

business degreeCompetition was tough, with a number of students from other campuses seasoned veterans of the DECA events.  DECA Rochester had three students who had participated in prior events, and two students who were new to this type of competition.  In the spirit of team competition, the group came together and helped each other with tips and pointers. 

The results were very gratifying for Rochester: all five students came home with one medal, meaning all five students placed third or higher in one of their events.   We had one first place champion in a very close Human Resources event:  Jennifer Malecha, who bested the second place finisher by two points. 

The team of Taylor Metcalf and Larissa Eggler finished in second place for the Business Ethics event.  Taylor continues to remain competitive in this event no matter where the competition is held and no matter who his partner is! 

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Larissa Eggler and Taylor Metcalf

Leroy Ruben-Schmitz finished in 2nd place in the Retail Management event, and Gabe Muller finished second place in the Sales Management Meeting event.  Both Larissa and Gabe were first-time competitors and both came home with a medal.  These results reinforce why students dedicate the time and energy to their studies.

Gabe Muller thought that the whole experience was “a challenging, yet rewarding experience,” and is ready for the next meet.

Larissa Eggler was glad she participated because now she knows for herself that she “can do things like this and can ‘make it’ as a successful student.”

A final take-away from these events is the opportunity to meet and network with other Minnesota School of Business students.  The ability to talk about the students’ school experiences and then to compare notes with other MSB students and what they experience, good and bad, helps all students realize their strengths and weaknesses.  All of this competition makes them better DECA competitors and students simultaneously!

If you would like to get down to business by taking on the DECA and academic challenges at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester, contact Tim Hornseth at thornseth@msbcollege.edu or call 507-536-9500.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.