One Million Bones Project: Class Builds Bones, Raises Genocide Awareness

Posted by on January 15, 2013

Minnesota School of BusinessWith the goal of raising awareness of genocide, eight Minnesota School of Business students in a service learning class put their creative skills to work by molding clay into bones for the One Million Bones Project.

“This project was a way to bring awareness to genocide, which is such a sad and serious issue,” said student Jordan Lister.

Together, the students crafted enough bones to fill a large box and shipped them to the One Million Bones organization, which will use the bones in an artistic display at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., this spring.

The mission of the One Million Bones organization is to use art as a way to inspire activism and raise awareness of genocide, which is the planned extermination of a racial, political or cultural group.

In other words, they use art to blatantly paint a picture of a serious issue and put it front and center where people can’t miss it.

Along with creating bones for this service learning project, the group of Minnesota School of Business students thoroughly researched the One Million Bones organization and the issue of genocide, and then presented their findings to the Elk River campus student body, including ways to help the cause.

Ways to help include creating bones for the Washington project, making a $15 donation to have a bone created in your name, volunteer for the organization, or host a bone-making event.

“As a group, we got so much out of this project,” Lister said. “Not only did we learn a lot about genocide, but our group bonded and formed better relationships with each other.”

Overall, the students said the project helped them understand what being a global citizen means and how they can help make a difference—sometimes, just one bone at a time.

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