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Posted by on January 14, 2013

veterinary technology program

Amy Doherty

Great instructors are not always easy to find–and keep! Minnesota School of Business-Rochester is fortunate to have one of the finest instructors in our veterinary technology program who challenges students to become some of the best veterinary technicians in the region, if not Minnesota.

Amy Doherty, executive veterinary technology program chair at MSB-Rochester, joined the campus as an adjunct instructor in 2008.  Due to her expertise and gift of connecting with students and faculty, she was promoted to program chair at the end of her first quarter of teaching. But her ambition did not stop there.

She recently received another promotion to executive program chair.  In this role, Amy will be an integral part of curriculum changes and accrediting needs for the veterinary technology program.  She will mentor program chairs at other campuses to help them strengthen enrollment, increase student retention and build strong community partnerships.

veterinary technology program

Some people know what field they want to work in at an early age. Amy has known since she was a small child that she wanted a career that would allow her to work with animals.  One of her earliest memories is helping the Oronoco police rescue a dog.  She was the only person who was able to get close to the dog, and she realized at that point that she had a gift for working with animals.

When Amy became involved in 4H in elementary school, her passion for animals really took off.  Her parents encouraged her love of animals by allowing her to have many pets as a child, and she even convinced them to let her raise about 150 rabbits every year.

Over the years, Amy has developed strong relationships with many of the veterinary clinics in Rochester and the surrounding areas.  One of those clinics, Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service, has nothing but positive things to say about Amy and the students:

Amy Doherty has been working with Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service in Rochester since she moved into the position of veterinary technology program chair at Minnesota School of Business.  She has very carefully selected veterinary technician students for internships at our facility.  These interns have been such good matches for our clinic that we have hired several of them after graduation.  Amy has cultivated such a good relationship with us that two of us who work at AEVS have been teaching classes as adjunct instructors in the program at MSB.  Amy is a great asset to the veterinary community in Rochester and has been an exceptional influence in many students’ lives.” —Heather Holmgren, AAS, CVT, VTS (ECC, CP-Canine/Feline)

To learn more about the veterinary technology program, contact or call 507-536-9500.

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