Databases Save Lives?

Posted by on January 7, 2013

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Instructor Quincy Foster

The Fall Quarter Introduction to Database Design class at Minnesota School of Business-Richfield worked to save the lives of our veterans.

It started with a Facebook group dedicated to humor and funny stories by current and former military personnel about their experience in basic training. The tone became much more serious when a plea for help went out to this group to assist a soldier who was suicidal and ultimately ended up committing suicide.

The founder of the Facebook group, Dan Cannady, a SSG in the United States Army, wanted to take that cohesiveness of the Facebook page and turn it into a relief organization to help soldiers in distress to prevent this from happening again. He also organizes aid for disasters such as Hurricane Sandy’s destruction in the New York and New Jersey areas.

Cannady created ASMDSS, which sells apparel, stickers and other items as they try get the word out on veterans’ needs. So far, the profits have gone to veterans in need and have kept three veterans’ families from becoming homeless.

Laura Huppler, Minnesota School of Business student, brought this organization to the attention of the Database Design class saying, “The cause will help all types of soldiers who deal with depression and stress integrating in society.”

The class of information technology degree students began the design and implementation a Microsoft Access database for ADMDSS to help it register and communicate with its volunteers.  The Fall 2012 Customer Services class worked concurrently with the Introduction to Database class on this service project.

Quincy Foster, instructor of the database class, is passionate about this project. “The project’s goals and objectives are righteous and worth the time and efforts from MSB faculty and students.”

Foster has carried this project over to the new quarter, and plans to have it ready for use by the end of Spring Quarter.

Thanks to this week’s guest blogger, Richard Grieman, IT Program Chair at the Minnesota School of Business-Richfield campus

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