Animal Frenzy = Adoption Frenzy

Posted by on January 5, 2013

The fall 2012 quarter for the veterinary technology program students seemed to begin like normal with a new set of classes, new instructors and new rescue groups. What they didn’t expect was to find new additions to their families!

Veterinary Technology program

Vet tech student Erin Mueller with Dylan

The Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville campus partnered with two local rescue organizations, Saved by a Whisker and Midwest Animal Rescue and Services (MARS). These organizations provided the campus with cats and dogs for educational purposes and in turn received free services which the veterinary technology faculty and students provided.

The students had the opportunity to perform multiple tasks and procedures that the rescues would normally have to receive from a local veterinarian. Depending on the animals’ history, the students perform complete physical exams, ear cleaning, nail trimming, implanting microchips, administering vaccinations and/or medications, performing urine and stool checks for parasites, and practice blood draw procedures, complete blood counts and taking X-rays.

In recent months many rescues have seen an increase in the number of animals that need homes due to the natural disasters that have been happening all over the country. This has provided our vet tech degree students with a unique learning opportunity as well as an opportunity to help find and give these animals homes. In the last month, multiple students have become very attached to many of the cats and dogs we have had the chance to work with.

Because of the close relationship that we have developed with the rescue organizations, many vet tech students have had the opportunity to adopt the animals before having to go back to the rescue or foster home. Throughout this process the students are not only learning the valuable skills that will make them great veterinary technicians, but they are also developing strong connections to the rescue organizations through the animals they are serving.

Student Zach Minnich was the first to adopt one of the many kittens that we saw this quarter. Leroy was the only male kitten in a litter of 8. The students instantly fell in love with his boisterous personality and playful demeanor – meaning he sure is a cute little stinker! When Zach brought Leroy home he instantly made his presence known by taking up residence in the refrigerator! He also loves to share food and eat with the big people in the house; he even managed to put his entire head into a glass of orange juice and luckily did not get stuck.

Veterinary Technology program

Vet tech student Zach Minnich with Leroy.

Although he is a bit of a trouble maker, he has his loving side as well, cuddling whenever the opportunity arises whether it be in bed, on the couch or if there isn’t enough room, on Zach’s face. Over all, Leroy is the perfect kitten for Zach and they have become the best of friends.

Presley was the second handsome kitten to be scooped up, this time by student Britani Hauer. He reminded her of her other cat, Ninja, at home and instantly decided that Presley had to become part of her family. After arriving home with Britani he quickly made friends with the dog Tiki and Ninja, and has been seen occasionally taking over the popular napping spots in the house. He is a very deep sleeper and can be caught lying with his tongue out most of the time and loves to purr.

He is a very active kitten, but also very clumsy. He tends to be in too much of a hurry and slides on the floors when trying to play or get somewhere, and has been known to fall down the stairs on occasion! Sometimes he lands on his feet, other times he just pops up and keeps on going. Even with his clumsy growing pains life at home wouldn’t be complete without his bubbly personality.

Finally, Erin Mueller decided that she needed a third dog for her household when she met Dylan, the most rambunctious puppy of a litter of 3 that came in. He was noisy, hyper and the cutest little thing she had ever seen — they bonded immediately, ensuring that he was going to be going home with her at the end of the week.

Veterinary Technology program

Throughout the week Dylan continued to demonstrate his aptitude for getting into puppy trouble–chewing on things, going potty on the floors and running through the classrooms. He also showed us how much of a good boy he could be learning how to sit and come. He also showed us his loving side, providing us all with numerous kisses and hugs.

He has adapted to his new home life with his brother and sister who are keeping him busy and out of trouble. They are even teaching him proper doggy behavior and the rules of the house. He has his kennel and blankie that he quietly sleeps in all night. Every day he says good bye to his mom and dad and is there to welcome them home at the end of the day!

By Nicole Nieman, Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville, Veterinary Technology Program Chair

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