How to Do It All in College

Posted by on January 4, 2013

medical assistant degree

Melissa Kreitzer

Melissa Kreitzer is a college student committed to her future and to helping others. Ten years ago, straight out of high school, she held the same dream, but was intimidated by the demands of college and not quite determined enough to finish.

Today her resolve is quite different.

“I still have a passion to help others,” she explains, and so she enrolled in the medical assistant degree program at Minnesota School of BusinessSt. Cloud.

Coming back to school holds its joys and challenges. “I love that I’m meeting other students of all ages and backgrounds,” says Kreitzer. “We all are here for the same reason, so it’s almost like we’re a family.”

She continues, “As far as classes, I’ve enjoyed all my laboratory-focused classes because I love the hands-on experience, and Anatomy and Physiology for its biology aspect.”

Kreitzer is determined to overcome the challenges that come along with returning to school. “My first quarter of school, I was pregnant with my second child,” she explains, “and I still got perfect attendance. Then this past early fall quarter, I had wedding-planning and three classes to coordinate. It was the busiest time of my life, but I made it through, and got one A and two B’s.”

In addition, service and applied learning are an aspect of her educational experience that has proved particularly meaningful to Kreitzer.

medical assistant degree

Melissa Kreitzer presents at Hands Across World

“My first [service experience] was at ReStore for Global Citizenship while I was pregnant. They only gave me work that was easy, but the volunteers were fun to work with, so . . . I continue to go back whenever I have the time.”

“I’ve also worked with Hands Across the World with a [medical assistant] group,” she says, “and presented education on nutrition, disease prevention, and blood pressure information to immigrants that have recently moved to the U.S.”

She adds, “I’ve also been involved with a couple [service] activities at Good Shepherd Senior Community. The first was giving flu shots to residents, and the second was swabbing public areas to see if we could culture bacteria. I gained a variety of insights from each project, and I’m thankful for the opportunity.”

Kreitzer is so excited about her college education that she volunteered to talk to incoming students at New Student Orientation for the upcoming winter quarter. “I know it sounds weird,” she admits, “but I’m excited to get back into the routine of homework. I miss it.”

Her New Year Resolutions include, of course, goals for school. “With only having three quarters left of school, I would like to keep my GPA up and graduate with Honors. I’ve never made these high of grades before, so it’s already quite the accomplishment for me.”

We agree that the New Year looks bright for Melissa Kreitzer.

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