16 Tips for Getting Hired in Health Care Management

Posted by on January 3, 2013

There is no magic potion or secret code to uncover the answer to the age-old question, “How do I get hired?”  To be honest, getting hired in any industry involves a lot of hard work.

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Kellie Colberg, Employment Coordinator for Accurate Home Care

Kellie Colberg, Employment Coordinator at Accurate Home Care, understands the commitment involved in getting hired and has compiled the following 16 tips to help you grab a career in the health care management sector—or any industry, really.

  1. Have health care experience or a passion for health care that you can show, or talk about why you’re interested in this field and what you can bring to the company.
  2. Have a resume that showcases your strengths first—whether that is career, educational or volunteering.
  3. Include a cover letter tailored to the company you’re applying to.
  4. Know about the company you are applying to work for; check out the website.
  5. Come with questions to the interview about the company and don’t ask all the questions to the first person you interview with—save some for others to ensure you ask everyone a different question.
  6. Follow-up on your application with an email or a phone call, but don’t be obsessive about this. Call/email to ensure they received your application, and then ask when you can expect a follow-up action.
  7. Be flexible and realistic; you may not get your dream job/hours coming right out of college.
  8. Use your resources; network with friends and your school. Accurate Home Care posts job openings with Globe/MSB all of the time. Networking can seem overrated, but you honestly never know who will know someone that has an opportunity for you.
  9. Always present yourself as you want people to perceive you. First impressions are critical and you only get one first impression.
  10. Show up at the interview being yourself because if you do get the job and show up with a “different” side to your personality, the employer will start questioning what else you have that will be a surprise.
  11. Don’t just take a job to get one. Be sure you are going to work somewhere because you want to be there for a long time. Employers don’t want to spend the time and resources bringing someone on just to have them leave. An exception to this would be a temp job.
  12. Don’t go in talking about how you want to advance in a short amount of time. This is a turn off as the employer is trying to fill a certain position and they don’t want to think about having to refill it before it’s filled.
  13. If you’re interested in a company, apply, even if there aren’t open positions. You never know what is not posted and/or what they might have coming up.
  14. Send a handwritten thank you note to anyone you have interviewed with and follow-up with the appropriate people you were told to after the interview.
  15. Provide references that will give you honest and good referrals. Make sure you alert your references that an employer may be calling.
  16. Don’t give up! Looking for a career can be time consuming and frustrating, but the right opportunity will come if you have the patience and commitment to finding it!

Kellie has been with Accurate Home Care for the past 3 years, and has had many years of experience in hiring, placing employment ads, and the entire hiring process.  Kellie and Accurate Home Care have been great community partners with Minnesota School of Business in Elk River by working collaboratively on several projects each quarter.

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