Resume Writing 101, Part 2: Components are Key

Posted by on December 27, 2012

Now that you know how to format your resume, perhaps you are trying to figure out what exactly it is you should include on your resume. From your skills to your education to your work experience, it’s your time to showcase YOU! Once again, the career services department at Minnesota School of Business-Richfield has offered up some great tips on how to highlight your talents.

resume writing tipsThere are several components to a great resume. The first is the Objective/Summary statement.

The Objective Statement is 1-3 sentences explaining who you are, what position you’re applying for, and your qualifications.

What to include:

  • Adjectives to describe yourself (team player, motivated, goal-oriented etc…)
  • Position title and name of the company.
  • Your skills and qualifications.
    • Example: “Driven and goal-oriented professional seeking the position of Administrative Assistant at General Mills where a degree in business and administrative experience can contribute to the success of the company.”

The next section is Education and Certifications.

What to include:

  • List the name of the school, the location, the specific title of your degree, and your graduation date.
  • Include all post-secondary education of which you are currently attending, all previous post-secondary degrees, and any professional certifications you possess.
  • Do not list your high school education.
  • List your education achievements in order of most recent first, working your way down.

Now it’s time to show off your Skills and Qualifications.

What to include:

  • The skills/qualifications section should include professional skills such as technical skills and soft skills (a.k.a computer skills, specific industry knowledge, and interpersonal abilities.)
  • List a minimum of 6 skills.
  • Refer to the job posting to see what specific qualifications the employer is looking for. Then, make sure to address those skills.

After you’ve covered your skills and qualifications, you are going to add your Work Experience.

What to include:

  • Job title, name of the company, dates employed, and list of job duties.
  • List your current employer, as well as previous employment up to 10 years prior.
  • Be very specific when highlighting job responsibilities. Describe how you went above and beyond in each job.
  • When listing job duties, include action verbs such as created, managed, developed, etc.

If you have any Volunteer Experience or Awards, now is the time to talk about those.

What to include:

  • Any volunteer experience you’ve completed in the last 10 years. Include the name of the organization and a description of your role.
  • Any professional awards you’ve received, such as employee of the year, outstanding customer service, perfect attendance, etc.

For more information on creating your resume, make sure to talk to the Career Services Department at Minnesota School of Business.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.