The Secrets of Getting the Most Out of College

Posted by on December 22, 2012

Samantha Carston, Graduate, Business AdministrationMinnesota School of Business-Shakopee has amazing students.  Every quarter students graduate from Accounting, Business, Criminal Justice, Healthcare Management, Information Technology, Medical Administrative, Medical Assisting, Paralegal, and Veterinary Technology programs.  Some of these new graduates seek job opportunities in their field of study after graduation, while others have been preparing for almost a year before graduation to get the best start in their career.

Samantha Carston started her college career with Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee in April 2009 in the business administration degree program.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in December 2011.  Without taking a break in obtaining her education, Samantha was enrolled in the accounting program upon graduation. 

On December 21, 2012 Samantha will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, with honors.  Ten days after graduation, on December 31, 2012 she starts her career in the internal audit department at UnitedHealth Group.  Samantha will soon evolve from being one of our amazing students to an amazing graduate.

Our wish for all of our students is that they too become an amazing graduate who experiences the kind of success that Samantha will immediately following her graduation.  

Here is how MSB helped Samantha reach her goals and how Samantha took initiative and took the right steps to ensure she could enter her field of study as quickly as she could after graduating:

Flexible Scheduling
Samantha chose Minnesota School of Business because she felt it was the best school to accommodate her full-time work schedule. Like many of our students, Samantha needed to be able to continue to work while attending college.  When looking at different colleges, most schools were not flexible enough for her to attend college and work a full time job. 

Take Advantage of Staff & Faculty
When I asked Samantha how she feels Minnesota School of Business prepared her to start her career, she provided me with an endearing answer: the people. 

She feels that more than anything the staff and faculty were what helped her prepare for her future career.  The education she obtained was obviously preparation, but the people who helped her were what really got her to this point. 

There were those who helped her discover her career goal and figure out what she could do now to succeed later.  There were others who helped keep her on track to accomplish her career goal.  Samantha spent many hours working with staff in the Career Services department to create her resume and adjust it when she was able to add one more accomplishment for employers to be impressed with.  She took advantage of the interview preparation and got advice about her career direction. 

While it is very rewarding for the staff and faculty to hear a student say that they feel this is how they reached their goal, we all know it was Samantha who stayed determined and utilized the assistance offered to her.   

Internships=Resume Builders
One of the best things Samantha did for herself was completing internships.  From February 2012 until April 2012 she was an intern at Paul E Strot Ltd. where she learned practices used for processing tax returns, worked with clients, and utilized accounting software such as ProSeries, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Excel, building her skill set for the field.  This experience made her resume more powerful and made her more confident in her abilities.

This internship on her resume became a way to show other businesses that she not only gained an education, but that she also has the ability to do the job. She used this internship to gain a positive reputation and to start networking.  Her success in the internship opens up an opportunity for her in the coming tax season; she has been invited to work at Paul E Strot Ltd. again.

More opportunities became available to Samantha once she was able to add this relevant internship experience to her resume.  She was hired on contract at the reputable health care company UnitedHealth Group from May to December 2012.  They also provided her another accounting internship opportunity from June to August 2012.  Samantha will start 2013 as a full time employee of UnitedHealth Group in their internal audit department.

Everyone at Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee is very proud of Samantha and wishes her continued success in her career. 

A word of advice from Samantha to other students on their career path: “Don’t wait until graduation to figure out what you are going to do,” she says. “Start networking right away, and figuring out what type of companies you want to work for. Find your path and get your name out there; networking can mean the difference between finding an okay job and finding your dream job.

Written by Melissa Faue, Director of Career Services at Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee

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