Need Your Computer Serviced? Ask RITA.

Posted by on December 20, 2012

it program technology The Richfield IT Association (RITA) held its fall quarter computer service day on November 28. RITA is a Minnesota School of Business student club focused on information technology education, career networking and mutual academic support of fellow members.  RITA members donate their time, talents and skills to help students and faculty with various computer issues, problems and questions.

RITA has been holding computer service days every quarter for the last year.  The computer service day, known as CTRL-Z, has in the past been very popular, offering malware removal, general maintenance and advice on personal computing. The quarter’s CTRL-Z was by far the best attended ever.

Part of the success came from the expanded services offered this quarter. Free flash drives with preinstalled anti-virus and file recovery software were available. A list of 10 useful websites was also popular. These websites ranged from, that gives advice on the best times to leave a movie to use the lavatory, to sites that provided free file transfer services ( and throw away e-mail sites (

Services were also expanded this quarter to include file recovery services for students who had accidentally deleted homework and other important documents.

“We’re trying to move more into educating and informing, helping people to understand the technology,” Richard Grieman, IT program chair at Minnesota School of Business-Richfield said.

“This event is meant to be social,” Grieman added. “It can be hard to get the RITA members together and a daylong event like CTRL-Z offers an opportunity for IT and gaming students to stop by, lend a hand, and meet each other.”

During the course of serving the computers the students removed over 2,000 viruses from the machines they worked on.

“CTRL-Z is an excellent opportunity for students to get a free tune-up,” said Joel Brown, IT student.

An anti-malware program will typically find between 150-300 viruses, spyware and tracking programs when used on a PC the first time.  

RITA hopes to keep expanding CRTL-Z to include other services and demonstrations to keep the CTRL-Z events popular.

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