College Degrees That Get You Hired

Posted by on December 20, 2012

medical assistant programIn what continues to be a tough economy, you probably know someone who is unemployed, searching and struggling, desperate to find a job. Chances are, however, that person is not a medical assistant. That’s because medical assisting is a booming field in the healthcare area, growing at a much faster rate than most occupations.  According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment is expected to grow by 31 percent from 2010 to 2020.

Now that you know medical assisting is an in-demand career, you might be wondering what exactly it is that a medical assistant does.  Amy Stadem, the medical assisting executive program chair at Globe University/Minnesota School of Business, says “Medical assisting is an incredibly diverse field. Graduates are able to work in a variety of different settings including administration, coding and billing, laboratory, X-ray and clinic.”

So, now you’re interested, but perhaps you’re wondering why should you choose Minnesota School of Business to pursue this career path? Here’s why: Minnesota School of Business-Richfield offers a medical assistant associate degree (AAS), which is a 2-year degree that can be earned in 21 months.

Veteran faculty members will provide both hands-on training and general education that will prepare you for real-life settings. The MSB-Richfield medical assistant program is rich in faculty, with instructors who have been with the program for many years, providing for a consistent, knowledgeable team who has the opportunity to truly get to know their students.

In addition to a strong faculty, MSB-Richfield is unique in that it offers training in radiography and billing and coding.  Stadem says, “When students complete Radiography I & II they are prepped to sit for the Limited Scope X-Ray Operators exam. Many clinics are looking for medical assistants that are able to take X-rays but many schools do not offer the training.”

You’re pretty much ready to enroll now, right? Except you have this pestering hesitation because you: haven’t been in school in a long time/have kids/need an ongoing income/are afraid you’ll be the only one your age/etc., etc., etc. The medical assisting program at MSB-Richfield has an array of students whose backgrounds vary as do their needs.

MSB’s “We Care” mission extends not only to the community, but to the students themselves. Stadem says that “Many of the medical assistant students need extra support because they are juggling work, family, and school. We have small class sizes, which allow us to really get to know our students and their personal situations. We also have an open door policy which allows students to come meet with us when they need to or just to stop by to say hi.”

By choosing to become a medical assistant, you will have a lot to offer your community. By getting your degree at MSB-Richfield, you’re picking a school that has a lot to offer you.


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