Frozen Tundra-Bound: Minnesota-Grown Girl Becomes a Cheesehead

Posted by on December 19, 2012

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Vicki White receiving her master’s degree from Minnesota School of Business

Some people work behind the scenes. As an online learning coordinator for Minnesota School of Business, Victoria White is used to working behind the computer monitor and somewhere out in cyberspace.

Come the New Year, however, White will be in front of students at the Globe University-Green Bay campus as its new student accounts representative. After nearly five years in her current position, White says she looks forward to a new challenge.

At the Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud campus, White also served as an advisor to multiple business degree program students, and she says that is the part of the job she will miss the most. She served on the Events Committee for a number of years as well, participating in Trunk or Treat and student appreciation events.

Green Bay was a targeted destination city for White. She and her boyfriend had researched different areas where they would like to settle, and Green Bay was at the top of that list. “I really like it there,” she says. “It is a fun city with a lot of opportunities.”

White helps out at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore on Community Service Day.

The Globe University-Green Bay campus will offer her the chance to be a part of something new and growing. “It’s a [campus] population of about 250. It will be great getting to know them,” she explains.

An obvious advantage of remaining within the Globe/MSB network, she adds, is “I’ll still have IM!” (instant messaging) for all the faculty and staff she has befriended over the years.

White clearly knows her reasons for moving to Green Bay. But we wonder if Green Bay is a little worried about the new Minnesota member of its family?

White laughs when the ultimate—and extremely important–question is posed: Packers or Vikings?

White reveals her true (green and gold) colors at a Trunk or Treat event as a Cheesehead.

“I’m a homegrown Minnesota girl who doesn’t own a thing purple.” She also hints, “I have an authentic recipe for Wisconsin apple pie, too.”

Does that answer the question?

White doesn’t want to leave any doubt. “Go Pack, Go!”

White will see her last MSB-St. Cloud class graduate this coming week. She hopes to be able to say good-bye and good luck to the many students and staff she’s known over the years at that celebration.

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